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England U17s
Watched the England U17s game this afternoon, a World Cup semi-final against Brazil and I have to say I was quite impressed with the whole team, in particular, Rhian Brewster who scored a hat-trick in the 3-1 win also a big shout out to this kid who ripped Brazil apart on the wing, Philip Holden. Seems strange that there weren't any kids coming  through from the North East as in time gone by we used to dominate in the National team, I mean even the Wallsend Boys Club who in the past have picked out some gems I just wonder why all of sudden nothing is coming through, the puddles have got this Brewster kid who originally came from Chelski who insistently scored his second hat-trick in two games in this competition and Citeh have got Holden, is it because our training facilities are not up to scratch or has Fat Boy stopped any investment in homegrown talent?

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Our entire academy needs overhauling. No decent kids have come through for years. As much as I love the bloke I'm not sure Beardsley is the man to lead it,
Did the academy ever get the upgrade they’ve been talking about for years in order to qualify for acredited status (something boro and sunderland have and we didnt a couple of seasons ago and may still not have)?

I don’t think beardsley is part of the academy anymore though he’s u23 manager (and seems to be poor at that) so we can’t blame him for that side. We did have that gibson lad that chose to go to everton rather than stay with us recently but i think he’s the only player that was catching the eye there for now. The u23’s i think have some decent players but as you say beardsley isn’t the right person to bring them through in my opinion.

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