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New Banner Made Rafa Proud
“As a manager you are really pleased and really proud to see the fans behind you and the team,” Benitez said of the display.

“As a person, it means even more. When you have been in Liverpool and you know how the fans were with you, and you were at Valencia and had the same - normally if you are successful, the fans have a good relationship with you - especially two or three places which I have a good relationship with the fans.

“They appreciate that if you play well and win and if you are professional. They are not stupid - they have information and they know that we work very hard here and that we try to focus on that.

“I think that they appreciate all these things, the connection with the city, the Foundation and things like the club are trying to do. I am trying to help the club do those things, but sometimes it is not just you, the club is doing things and you support the idea - so everybody is winning.

“You have to be really proud of that.”

[Image: IBP_NEC_011017football_15JPG.jpg]

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