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Mbemba Injured
So it seems Mbemba was forced off last night after scoring with injury but no one as yet knows what the issue is or how serious from what i can see. I hope that it was just a knock and he's back up and running for the weekend as the last thing we need is another defensive injury.
apparently it's a hamstring and three months out... so that's two long term absentees in defence.
Total mockery and i for one knew we'd get injuries, Ashley's penny pinching ways were always gonna rear it's ugly head... Rafa now has to put someone into the LB birth that we don't even have. Mbemba was already being used out of position yet Rafa needs to find another square peg..... sick to death of this tyrant.

I can't get to grips why Rafa is still here after this.... history repeats itself.... he's a proven liar and Rafa is his latest victim.

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