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Ashley Speaks
Mikey has been talking to Sky Sports:

“Every penny the club generates, he can have, but it won’t generate enough," said Ashley. 

"It’s Newcastle United. It doesn’t have a £40million-a-year stadium naming rights deal, it doesn’t. 

"So I don’t want the fans to watch this interview and think ‘that’s great, Rafa’s getting £150million in the morning’. He’s not. 

"With (United managing director) Lee Charnley’s help – and Lee Charnley answers to Rafa, not the other way around, so we’re crystal clear – Rafa makes all the final decisions on the players out and the players in, but he has to do it with the money the club has. 

“If you say to me ‘I’m wealthy’. Well, OK. In theory I’m a whatever, a billionaire, maybe even a multi-billionaire, but in reality my wealth is in Sports Direct shares, which, as I said the other week, are like wallpaper. "I don’t have that cash in the bank, so I don’t have that ability to right a cheque for £200million. "I don’t have it. It’s very simple, it’s not there. 
I’d have to sell Sports Direct shares to fund that. "So people outside of football looking in and the way sometimes it’s portrayed, is that those sort of wealth terms are in the bank – they’re not. 

"I’ve got to make it crystal clear that I am nowhere near wealthy enough in football now to compete with the likes of Manchester City etc and not just Man City. "Basically, it’s a wealthy individual taking on what is the equivalent of countries. I cannot and I will not."

Read more at:
Why doesn't the fat pr*ck just come out and say the club has 30 million to spend, or 25 million to spend? I am sure he doesn't wake up to find the club is now generating an extra 100 million which he didn't see coming the night before.

It's sly and sneaky and gets everyone debating TV money, season ticket money, endorsements etc. Just give it to the fans straight up.

"Dear Supporters,

Based on the financial predications we have done for being in the Premier League, the club will roughly generate 30 million pounds. I am therefore giving Rafa that 30 million, plus whatever he makes from player sales, plus an extra 20 million of my own funds to try and move the club forward. I hope you appreciate I am trying to run the club in the correct manner, and I do have the club's best interest at heart, which is why I am prepared to top up the coffers with my own money in a bid to push the club as far as I can take it.

I wish everyone at the club and the fans a great year ahead, it's good to be back in the top flight.



Not fecking hard is it.
I trust nothing he says .and tbh I never have .I can see another season of sh*t ahead already unless we bring in more players
The thing is, what do we really need to finish off our squad until January ????

Yes Ashley is a nightmare of an owner and i hate him with a passion but 2 or 3 more in would do us. If we got Perez from Arsenal and Kenedy from Chelsea i'd be happy to go with that squad until January.

The problem we have is the incompetent idiots who signed the likes of Riviere for £10m that we can't get rid of. I could add others to the list of undesirables but at least now Rafa tells Charnley who he wants and not the other way around.

Bottom line is we need to rid this squad from dross and allow Rafa to pick who HE wants.
Our commercial revenue is sh*te because his other company doesn't plough £20m or so a season into us for advertising. Thats a decent striker for Rafa!!
(16-08-2017, 10:23 AM)mickyquinnstache Wrote: Our commercial revenue is sh*te because his other company doesn't plough £20m or so a season into us for advertising.  Thats a decent striker for Rafa!!

It's a while back now, before we suffered our relegation, but i remember seeing an article somewhere showing how whilst other clubs revenue was increasing year on year ours was stagnant. This is down to having someone in charge that has no idea what he's doing. It's shocking how much the revenue at spurs outstrips ours when a few years back we beat them in the league table and were on a similar financial footing (or better if you consider that our "loan" is interest free), since then though they've gone from strength to strength whilst we've gone backwards.
There is a chart from 2007 to present showing clubs commercial revenue . Sunderland and even Aston villas has gone up along with many other clubs ours has gone down

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