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Adam Armstrong
Armstrong off to Bolton on Loan.

Thing is - if he's good enough for the Championship this season, why wasn't he good enough for the Championship last season, with us?

Poor lad will still be going out on loan when he's 32

Should have been sold a long time a go. Mid table Championship player at best. Nothing against him personally, he tries his heart out, but lets get real here, he isn't a Premier League player and I suspect the only reason he gets continually farmed out on loan is because no one is prepared to pay for him.
I hope you're wrong mate but I suspect your not. Last season was the one to blood him in a weaker league but we didn't. He didn't really impress at Barnsley either. He's definitely got ability but needs to start progressing this year if he's going to make it. I suspect he'll be another Chopra or Brayson.
This seems to be a half season loan, i imagine he'll be watched and evaluated as he goes on and maybe back in as an option for us in january or taken to a higher level team if he performs well enough. Course if he sucks then he'll probably find himself being lined up for a more permanent exit.

I'd like to see him succeed so fingers crossed for him.

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