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Murphy By Sunday Night
Saw him a few times last season with Norwich being local and on telly in the pub a lot. He reminds me a of Dyer when we first got him. Very quick and not frightened to take a man on. Should balance Richie on the other wing. With Atsu as cover I think we will be exciting to watch. He is a bit raw and his crossing needs work but Rafa will coach that into him. A striker and a dominant midfielder and we're good to go.
if he's half as good as Dyer was on his good days he'll do for me
I seem to remember him doing well against us last season though i could be wrong. It's good to have someone that gives us options on the wings as i think we were really struggling there.

That being said watch this be the season Aarons stays fit and makes an impact, that'd be great but would give Rafa a nice problem.
Welcome to the Toon, bonny lad!

[Image: Newcastle-United-Training-Session.jpg]

[Image: jacob-murphy-signing-arms-out-screaming-...50x400.jpg]

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