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This Bloke Owns Our Club
Angry Angry Angry

Sports Direct billionaire Mike Ashley would lie under tables and 'take a nap' at meetings he found boring, a court heard today.

The Newcastle United owner also played Spoof - a popular drinking game where the loser buys a round of drinks - to decide who paid an investment bank's fees, a judge was told.

Investment banker Jeffrey Blue is suing Mr Ashley at the High Court after accusing him on reneging on a deal made while drinking at the Horse & Groom in Marylebone.

Mr Blue claims the billionaire, who started his sports business with a single shop in Maidenhead, promised to pay him £15 million if he used his expertise to increase Sports Direct's share price to £8 a share.

He says Mr Ashley paid only £1 million so has taken him to court to recoup the rest.

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It really does make you wonder how low this guy can go. If it was some 18 year old in the toon they'd be banned from his bars and looking at the wrong end of the law. This guy gets away with it all the time because he has money and has bought the right kind of friends.

just sad.
Got to wonder how much of a knob Mr. Blue is though, trying to sue a dickhead over a deal struck in a pub whilst they were both pissed-up.
totally agree Eeeeen was chatting to Mr Pink and he reckons Mr White told him that Mr BLue is a total d***wad as well.
^^ hope he killed ashley in the conservatory with the lead piping

(or was that col mustard)?
Always preferred Miss Scarlet meself!

Big Grin
Well apparently he's "not Obi wan Kenobi in charge of the death star" so we can rule out that cultural reference (and the idea that this idiot has any idea about anything that he talks about).

If anything he's like a dumber, more hooligan, version of Trump (though that in itself is hard to believe possible).

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