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Celtic: The Lisbon Lions
Hope some of you folks can just park your whatever huh? and agree this was an amazing event in football history

Quite a few media outlets are remembering "The Lisbon Lions" 50 years on.

Glasgow Celtic - the first british team to win football's European Cup on 25th May1967.

I was a young lad in those days and this was the sixties - nobody in our back lane had a telly - except Mrs Gilroy. She was a housewife and her husband was an ambulance driver.

We were all invited in - and sat on the carpet in front of a small black and white tv as we saw one of the greatest teams in football put on one of the greatest attacking displays I have ever seen and have not seen the like of since.

I'm a Newcastle United supporter - but since that day on Mrs Gilroy's carpet, I have also followed "the bhoys"

I've supported Celtic from that day - even when I was living in Edinburgh in 2000 and was put in charge of one of the Hibernian buses which went to play them in the Scottish FA Cup final.

That was difficult Blush

Here's the story:

The Lisbon Lions is the nickname given to the Celtic team that won the European Cup at the Estádio Nacional near Lisbon, Portugal on 25 May 1967,[3] defeating Inter Milan 2–1. All but one member of the 15 man squad were born within 10 miles of Celtic Park in Glasgow, Scotland (Bobby Lennox was born 30 miles away in Saltcoats).[1] Celtic's style was the antithesis of the cynical, but highly effective, defensive style of Inter. Jimmy Johnstone described the team's style as "like the Dutch speeded-up."[4]

The east stand at Celtic Park stadium is named in honour of the team

Alessandro Mazzola opened the scoring for Inter with a 7th-minute penalty after Jim Craig had brought down Renato Cappellini. The Italians then retreated into their famous 11-man defence. Inter did not win a single corner and forced Celtic goalkeeper Ronnie Simpson to make only two saves. Celtic had two shots off the crossbar, and 39 other attempts on goal, 13 of which were saved by Italian goalkeeper Giuliano Sarti, seven were blocked or deflected, and 19 were off-target. Craig made amends for his penalty mistake on 63 minutes, when he laid off the ball for Tommy Gemmell to fire home for the Celtic equaliser. With 83 minutes on the clock, Gemmell was allowed space, and he played the ball to Bobby Murdoch, whose long-range shot was deflected by Steve Chalmers past Sarti into the net.

Its just a shame Scotland don't seem to produce quality players anymore. This team was before my time but I can still remember Daglish, Souness, Gemmel, Hanson etc. I listened to a podcast interview with Walter Smith recently and he puts the demise of their game down to the fact that kids don't play street football any more. Could say the same thing about English football really. Our league is decent but its propped up by mercenaries on huge sky based salaries.
some of my favourite ever players for us were Jocks

tony green
bob moncur
john blackley
jinky jim
tommy craig

all 5 cost less than half a million. wonder how much they'd be worth today
by the way - the celtic keeper was Ronnie Simpson- he made his name with us if i'm not mistaken

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