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That Long Winded tw*t
Morning everyone.

I'll give you 2 versions of this.

The short one.
No fall outs, haven't left, very busy going to games etc, enjoying my own positivity, Wor Hyem and congratulations on a great season :yep:

The "long winded" one.
For those who are interested, I have not left the forum and I have in no way fallen out with anyone. Far from it.
I just decided to give myself time out to basically enjoy my football, travel round the country and just shut myself off to what I sometimes think are negative vibes. A need to look at what MIGHT happen rather than celebrate what IS actually happening.
As we all said at the start of the season, promotion was THE priority, and in my opinion it didn't matter how it was achieved as long as we got there.
We've played some good stuff at times and also turned out some dross, but that was always going to be the case. 95% of teams have had 2 cup finals a season and they've all been against us. For me that would be THE reason why we may not win the league. Do fans and teams get excited about playing Brighton? No they don't.
So am I happy with how things have gone? I certainly am. As those who know me or follow me on the likes of twitter, I've fecking loved it.
Some thing else I have been involved in is the "Wor Hyem" group. The lad who runs it, Ed Renwick contacted me and asked me to come on board. I have and I have given a bit of input here and there which again takes up some of my time. It's worth looking in to if you have the time. Some good positive ideas alongside Gallowgate Flags. All looking to better the atmosphere at SJP.

So, hopefully that's told you all where I'm at.

Lastly, I just feel we need to congratulate ourselves on a job well done. Enjoy our last game at the weekend and take whatever that brings, be it 1st or 2nd place. It's of little relevance in the long term but winning would be nice.
Then enjoy our summer, hopefully in a positive manner. Some cracking new shirts by the looks of it and a new sponsor to rid us of the odious one we now have.

Enjoy your week everyone and have a cracking day next Sunday.

Sorry if it went on too much for some ROFL
"We are not a stepping stone, we are Newcastle United. Every player should be honoured to wear the shirt of this club" Rafa Benitez.
Ha ha cheers for the update Steve..... oh and keep us informed on owt to do with the Wor Hyem group mate. HTL IRWT. :yep:
Hiya Steve

I've had a look at the "Wor Hyem" website & followed them on Twitter

If you want to pen some publicity articles on the blog about them & what they're up to from time to time, feel free!

It's always an extra Newsnow entry for them :yep:

I'll see if I can do it when I get back. Working in Glasgow for a few days so not really got time at the minute.
Doing quite well with things at the minute, but extra publicity never hurt anyone.
"We are not a stepping stone, we are Newcastle United. Every player should be honoured to wear the shirt of this club" Rafa Benitez.

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