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Ipswich - Rafa's Reaction
“I am concerned about the change of the team, in terms of the performance against Leeds and then our performance today," said United manager Benitez.

"That is the only thing I am thinking about. We know that we have to win games to do our job, so we will have to change and improve a lot. “We knew it could be this kind of game today.

I thought that we were ready, but it seems that we were not. "We were not focused and mentally ready.

When we were reacting, we scored the goal, and it seemed that we had more control of the game, but then we made another mistake.

"We are making some mistakes, and we are paying for that."

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From Sky:

Benitez said: "I am concerned about the change in my team's performance from Leeds on Friday to the performance today.

"We know we have to win our games and now we have to change and improve.

"We knew it was going to be this kind of game but we were not ready - it seems we were not mentally ready.

"We made mistakes and we got paid for it. We have to all take responsibility, we win together and we lose together.

"I won't blame my players in press conferences. They know what I told them at half-time and at the end, we know something was wrong and now we have to analyse and change quickly."

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