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Conspiracy Theory
In fact, the referee had a very good game. Fortunately, for him there were hardly any controversies and even the penalty award and red card were not really disputed by anyone. I noticed that he blew for half-time before Preston could take a free-kick in a semi-promising position, which may back up this point by Ciatmol: "On the other hand this might play into our favour if the ref thinks he can't make decisions against us for fear of being seen as biased".
I can hear the conversation by the footy powers in London now.....


In spite of the EFL's attempts to deny Newcastle United promotion, they still managed to get enough points for promotion!

Solution? Send HMRC in to have a look at tax & NI records - maybe we can justify sending the Geordies to the Conference to play Gateshead.....

If we hammer the Geordies, nobody will notice when we let West Ham off??


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