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Update On Injuries
Rafa quotes from the Official Toon Website:

“It is good news for our team, and for our fans, that we have just Clark and Dwight not training – doing their rehabilitation instead. Clark is very, very close, and we will have to see how Dwight improves. With the others, we have to decide whether they can play or not,” he said.

“With Dwight, we don’t like to put a time on it. It depends how he progresses. Today he was running a little bit, which is good.

“It can happen. He has been really good for us for a lot of months. Now, we have to be careful a little bit, but it is not a big issue because he is a strong player and he can do well.

“I like competition between players, and to have players coming back. Now, you have more bodies available, and they have to compete. Nobody can say, ‘I will play because I was good’ – no, you have to keep being good, because if you are not, maybe someone will take your position.”

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