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Staying up!
Just need to calm the feck down a bit.
No need to go attacking each other over a difference of opinion.
As has been said, forums are about opinions. But t none are right or wrong.
Just st an individuals views.
Fans, supporters, armchair experts or computer screen analysts. Who gives a feck.
The common n ground here is the club, the team we love.

Many a time have I read Pedro's stuff and concluded that we are cut from the same block. Only difference is we put things across in different ways. But he's just like me in so many ways and views. I would guess a similar age as well.

I also get everyone else's views on here and value them all.

I'm never t going to be pathetic and suggest apologies and making up.
Maybe just for people to move on and maybe show a bit respect.
A difference of opinion never killed anyone. Yet!

If anyone wants to have a chat about owt, just message me.
I'm not admin or anything as you all know, but I'm happy to help people out.
Hang in there lads.
"We are not a stepping stone, we are Newcastle United. Every player should be honoured to wear the shirt of this club" Rafa Benitez.
(21-03-2017, 08:07 PM)Ciatmol Wrote:
(21-03-2017, 07:52 PM)positive pedro Wrote:
(21-03-2017, 07:22 PM)Ciatmol Wrote: If you're banned Pedro it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with your posts. I haven't made any complaints or comments about you except those i have made to you and that you can read in the forum.

feck off man you bore ...ok...fuvking patronising me when you know nowt about me clever sh*te
You have no idea and never will trying to be a clever cnut...not once did I say my opinion is gospel or say no one can have there's its a forum for discussion like in the pubs and clubs after and before the games.....not that you would no.try tunning into radio Newcastle and id say 80% have the same views as me about home form.
If the mods are there ban me ffs put me out my misery.

I'm sorry Pedro but i didn't patronise you until you said that those that for one reason or another weren't able to attend games were "everything that is wrong with the modern game". You also stated that "fans who go have a more valid opinion".

You continue to rant at anyone who disagrees with you or challenges your opinion, resorting to swearing and personal attacks at every turn.

"Patronising me when you know nowt about me"..... exactly what you did, and do every time someone challenges your view.

Quite honestly Pedro i think it would be a shame if you were banned you remind me daily of the pitfalls of taking yourself too seriously.

Your the 1st fecking idiot I've swore at on here ffs...rant..your a fecking snowflake and wouldn't last 5 mins in the real world.
As for taking myself seriously you really dont have a fecking idea not even fuk off.....
I don't have a problem with differences of opinion Steve, you and i have had those in the past and you state yours and I state mine. The same with everyone.

When someone says your opinion doesn't count and that you're everything thats wrong with the game though that's just an un necessary and unprovoked attack and that kind of thing needs to be called out. I'm not gonna run crying to a mod about it or even scream at him for doing it but i reserve the right to respond to an attack and to call out whoever did it on their behaviour. That he resorts to swearing, name calling and begging to be banned shows his level and is entirely on him.

I'm happy to put it all behind and move on though. No point flogging a dead horse.
Well I'm out of here....absolute fecking load of sh*te it's been fecking dead on here I try my best but its the usual suspects on.
You won you plastic pr*ck...i bet you became a fan in the Keegan era.Its been a canny journey but its no longer a place for real fans.
Superficially, I probably don't have a lot in common with Pedro. Perhaps he would not like me if he met me ... nevertheless, I am sorry to see him go and hope he comes back. He was a regular contributor, he held strong opinions, he was entertaining and his input was valuable. I am sure none of the few people with whom he has fallen out with here hold a permanent grudge and vice-versa. I sincerely hope that cooler heads will return another day and the normal amicability of the forum, despite conflicting opinions, can resume.
Hopefully with Pedro still taking part.
I agree blue, differences of opinion are what forums are for, my problem was never with Pedro personally, although as you say we'd never be friends. Nor is it with opposing opinions.

i felt i had to call out the idea that some opinions don't count, something that goes against the ideas of a forum. That is something, i feel, we should all stand up against.

Whatever happens here, i never want to see good contributors pushed away and have no intention of trying to get them banned or to push them away.

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