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Rafa admits
He has admitted making mistakes in the transfer market for us,

We can make our own conclusions who these could be... Sels etc.

But with him making this admission is it not playing into Ashley's hand for him to take that responsibility away from Rafa ?????
If Ashley is sensible then no. The "mistakes" you could say would be lazaar, Gamez and Sels. Gamez cost nothing (or next to that) and would i think have had more impact were it not for injury. Sels arrived relatively cheaply too given his reputation and in fairness once he gets used to catching rather than palming the ball he might become our best keeper (though at the moment i think Woodman probably has a better chance of that). As for Lazaar he's a mystery, though the fact that Dummett has Rafa's trust probably doesn't help lazaar in any way.

Anyway, these mistakes haven't in any way been costly. Unlike his previous transfer guru. Thauvin alone covers the price of these three and murphy....

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