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On the spot time...
i'm of the opinion that it will go tits up.

rafa wont get the money he thinks he'll need and he'll walk

hopefully Pardew has a job by then.
I don't give a fuk anymore...up then down*t football at home and he walks not arsed tbh...its all a load of stinking sh ite.
I find it interesting that so many are dismissive of Shelvey.
Yes, he failed to shine for us in the premiership in his time there.
But prior to coming here he had became an international footballer whilst at Swansea. Fair enough, many will again be dismissive of playing for England, but in order to get that call he needed to be better than PREMIERSHIP midfield players.
Personally, I see him and Hayden being a good enough central pairing for the premiership. As for the pace of the game, Shelvey is not slow. Granted, his passing game is generally about getting his foot on the ball and his head up. But how many times have we seen him burst forward with the ball, at a decent pace? Often setting up goals in the process.

There won't be a bottomless pit of money. We've already been told that and Rafa will have been told as well.
But say 50 million in Rafa's hands is worth 200 million in Pardews.
He will know the type of player he wants and he will get them.

Atsu will end his loan spell and maybe players like Murphy will move on, but I expect the majority to be here next season.

A minor point, but remember when we played away at Hull?
They were the premiership team but we battered them and looked a very good side. We just didn't take our chances. We can live with teams in the bottom half as we are now. It would be a struggle mind.
A few additions and we could be midtable comfortably come next May.
"We are not a stepping stone, we are Newcastle United. Every player should be honoured to wear the shirt of this club" Rafa Benitez.

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