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Fulham (h)
(19-03-2017, 05:16 PM)positive pedro Wrote:
(19-03-2017, 04:29 PM)Ciatmol Wrote:
(19-03-2017, 03:08 PM)positive pedro Wrote:
(19-03-2017, 01:48 PM)Ciatmol Wrote: Well I agree with Blue. Houghton had a better squad, a much better squad, full of players that were much better suited to a good attacking game. He also played a more attacking game.

On the other hand if anyone that was shouting and cheering for Rafa as he was appointed and as he decided to stay on at the end of last season thought he'd come and play attacking football they are deluded fools that know nothing about him.

I also agree with Mick, shouting for 442 when the matches we've struggled in are those where our midfield is overrun just seems absurd. If we had the personnel that Rafa clearly wants (as he expressed in both transfer windows so far) the system we played would be fluid 4411 when we don't have the ball and 442 / 433 when we do. However, we don't have the players that some of you seem to think we do. We play this way but our players don't make the impact that they could because they aren't as good as we need. That's why we can blame Ashley, because what was promised to Rafa was sustained investment and squad improvement and what he got was nothing.

Our success is built on hard work and organisation this season not outstanding ability and flair. This is what a Rafa team is, what a good Rafa team has always been. With better players you'd see more flair, smoother games, more control. But we need to give him the tools first.

But you don't pay for the pleasure of sitting through this sh*te against sh*te teams...have you not read what I one is shouting 442... They would just like a different approach when its not going well...ffs Blackburn and wolves done us at home when we could of changed it and win.

If you're paying for something you don't enjoy then stop. Maybe your frustration is less with Rafa and more with the futility of paying for something you don't like?

As for your assertion that we would have won had we changed formation, that i'm afraid is just a baseless belief you have. There is no evidence to say that we would have succeeded. Further. If you read what i said you'd see that my suggestion is that our formation allows us the flexibility to emulate other formations based on what is happening on the pitch, the fact that this isn't getting the results is down personnel more than tactics.

as for not reading what you "put". Yes i did. However my initial response wasn't a direct response to your postings simply a statement of my opinion. Just because my opinion differs to yours doesn't meant I was looking for an argument with you. As for you stating that no one is shouting for 442, you may say that here but there are people saying that he should change to 442 both on this forum and others. My statement was simply explaining why i think this is not the solution to the problem.

With respect how many home games you attended this year and for baseless! considering I've been sitting in the same seat for 30 years and seen much worse I will keep going I go with family and friends and it does not matter what fecking league there in as I will always attend.

Then keep going, continue to pay money to see NUFC at home. But understand that this is how Rafa sets up his team and accept that you're going to witness more of the same. You know what you're going to see when you go to a match and if you don't want to see that then don't go. Don't get ratty that I don't get to go to games, believe me if i could i would. And don't think that you having that opportunity makes you a better supporter or more informed than me, or anyone else that doesn't attend, because it doesn't.

As for your next question/ have i seen us play at home. yes I watch every match on NUFC tv.

And your right to question Rafa. of course you have this; just as i have the right to express my view and Mick has his etc etc etc.
I am going through a very advanced case of lung cancer,
treatment involves the use of morphine {no introduction needed} and others that are at least poisonous.

So please please please forgive me if I am not right in the doing of it.

I hate just mentioning it and sometimes I just leave the computer in order to save face but I really want to be among you folks and at the same time I keep telling myself to stop using this silly card, but again ... anyway, please get the admins to remove my contributions and I will be more than happy for that.


I meant a good Geordie, and you are far superior to me on all fronts.
Football, you know better and I am but a little mouse trying his best.
As for being Geordie, ah well, can't you see I live in London? that surely makes you better, also Sir Brian Robson foundation has chosen for me to live here for treatment, so not even a Geordie!

(19-03-2017, 11:47 AM)bluebayou Wrote:
(19-03-2017, 01:12 AM)Wal-NUFC Wrote:
(19-03-2017, 12:19 AM)bluebayou Wrote: This side compares unfavourably to our last promoted side, in my opinion. And unlike the current team, I was not bored of Chris Hughton's team.

I can tell a good Geordie when I see one ...
let me see WHY you are wrong mate.

When a team is performing well then it is just that, a team that performs well.
This is something that people used to like since the '70 in Britain.
However that has changed in the 80's, 90's and all since.

People now believe in other things such as money and that?

Chris Hughes team was good only past the championship, no inch past it.
You could see the moment they got to the premiere league.
What happened to us was all like written on a big board and is happening!

Actually I am just waiting for the moment we start the summer.
You will see our team all being sent away and another team coming.

It's the NEW football

What has being a true Geordie (or not) have to do with holding an opinion on the current side compared to the last promoted side?
Be that as it may, how many of the current team would have won a place in Hughton's regular side? Only Shelvey for sure ... Ritchie would have competed for a place ... Gayle would not have been really missed as there were lots of goals in that team.

What it has to do is that (please contentrate here) according to my books Shearer is GOD and I wouldn't mind signing up someone like Mitrovic for ever (literally), and if I didn't hear GOD say it in November in the no9 Bar I would have preferred death to getting rid of him ONLY because he shows so much spirit and passion to my team.

The above paragraph is saying:
Because Mitro shows passion towards my city then he is good, this is contradicted in a Shearer answer to a question that was given in that occassion, he said (Shearer said) that Mitro is ok only for championship, and as you can see the last 12 weeks won't all see him plaing then he's no good, the only reason I believe the underlined is Shearer

I think you may classify me as a decentent of a man who prefers a Geordie national team, and would have found it hard to accept a Messi only because he's not Geordie.

PN I have NOT exaggerated one hairline in anything I wrote today here.
All I did was to take more lines to explain myself, and again, please forgive me..

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