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Not too sure how much inside info these sky commentators get, but tonight it was said that the word is that Gouffran will be offered a new contract at the club.

Now i'm not his biggest fan and i see him as fortunate to be here for as long as he has. Yes he has looked a bit better this season .... but we're in the championship ffs.

Should we really be offering him a new contract when we're going back to the PL where we already know how poor he can be?????
All I will say on this is that a player under Pardew is not the same player as a one under Rafa.
Done enough this season to suggest he offers something as a squad player so not really a bad thing imo.
We need better, I know that, but we need a squad, not just 11 players.
"We are not a stepping stone, we are Newcastle United. Every player should be honoured to wear the shirt of this club" Rafa Benitez.
Watching the match last i was impressed by how much another lucky goal covers the cracks on a player who is absolutely horrendous. He's just awful. But yes i've heard he's in prelimenary talks on an extension.
Gouffran gone.

Off to some club in Turkey

Big Grin
If the squad is just about numbers then we should all be in there.

Take away that little run he had scoring in 6 or 7 games in a row and his goal scoring record in the Premier League is abysmal. His assist record just as bad.

He is useless and part of the reason we have been a YoYo club for the last few years.

I am in disbelief this is even open for debate!
Very limited player. He had a great attitude and was always willing to graft, but should never have been here in the first place.
I'm not sure he was always willing to graft, he did under Rafa however. His ability was poor though, he had a lot of luck last season with shots and goals but his overall play still wasn't great imo. I'm pleased we can move on from his time here and hope he isn't the last to go, there still players here that never had the ability or mentality to succeed.

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