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Keepers and defenders
Out of our Keepers and defenders.... who is a must keep and must get rid of if we go up?

Surely a championship defence isn't good enough for the PL.... or is it?
This is more or less a Mickey mouse league compared to quality in the premiership.we must strengthen .imo
I am a big Clark fan at this level and think he has done a superb job so far this season.

However, he was prone to lapses in concentration in the Premier League and I think he is the best defender we have after Mbemba. Lacelles, Yedlin and Dummet simply aren't good enough for Premier League football. I am sure some will quote our defensive record in this league as a way to prove they can defend, but the quality of the finishing in the Premier League is on a different planet compared to what we face in the Championship.

I think we need a minimum of 2 first team defenders in the summer. I just wish Mbemba could get a run out instead of Lacelles to try and build his confidence back up and try to find the form he had last time we were at that level.

This is assuming we go up of course. I'd be more confident if come mid March we were in this position in the league! The next 5 weeks are huge though and will define whether we do or don't go up.
its evident that rafa doesnt rate Mbemba. shame.
it seems that it's a case of Mbemba being unable to follow instructions and Rafa isn't keen on people that don't at least try to do what he says. I can't say I blame him really. He has to learn to follow tactical plans and orders or he's not reliable.

I'd say Dummett, Lascelles, Clarke and Yedlin have all done okay in the premiership if not outstanding and I think with the right reinforcement we'll be fine.. I don't think we need massive overhauls. I feel, honestly throughout the team there is a need to bring in a touch more quality and to get rid of some players. This is something that which should have been ongoing through all windows but that's past us now... I think we need more quality in depth and a touch more premiership quality in the first team overall.
I've heard a rumour that the reason Mbemba and Rafa don't get along is down to the formers poor English and a reluctance to try and improve it.
Don't quote me on that but it would seem a likely possibility.
Our current back 4 are all English speaking.
Our back up players like Hanley and Anita either speak English or have a good grasp of it.
The other foreign lad in the defensive group is Lazaar.
He doesn't figure that much so is it a similar issue for him?
All things that add up whether they are actually true or not.
"We are not a stepping stone, we are Newcastle United. Every player should be honoured to wear the shirt of this club" Rafa Benitez.
well whatever it turns out to be is something serious enough to keep him out of the squad and something he clearly needs to work on. If that's learning english then it's simple enough if he's willing to put in the effort. If he's not willing or if it's to do with not following instructions then it's kind of worrying either way.

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