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Sky Commentary v Wolves
(12-02-2017, 04:45 PM)davytoon Wrote: We were a massive club many years ago but now not much than a pub team in the way we are run and portrayed by the media (something we don't do ourselves any favours in) The only thing big about us are our crowds and that's where it stops.
A lot of clubs have moved on massively in the last ten years and developed into well run,slick professional clubs and are established premier league clubs with a structure made to ensure as far as they can that they remain so.

Other clubs have not invested the sky tv money wisely and as a consequence have failed to take advantage of something that was put on a plate for them and chose the Mike Bassett England Manager approach.

In our case we most definitely fall into the second category and did not learn anything from relegation and near relegations in recent years, The only saving grace is that we have been lucky enough to have squads that are somewhere between premier leagu class and pub team( ie championship class) and so look like bouncing back again and so the will begin the next part of the cycle. One day the gamble of lack of investment will not pay off and we will not bounce back and will spiral into oblivion with massive debt and a stadium that will hav 2/3 mothballed to save money.

That is the main reason I do not go now and don't get particularly upset if we lose or particularly happy if we win. It is my opinion that we along with many other clubs are now completely pointless and irrelevant as football clubs which is a sad state of affairs but something which is killing the game as a spectacle in this country.
There is quite simply little or no pleasure to be gained for me and many others in watching this and yesterdays game was a great example of how terrible football has become outside about 12 or so teams throughout Europe (don't know enough about other continents).

I Rafa has any sense at all he will get out of this at the earliest opportunity. It is painful to see a great manager reduced to this.

fecking hell.
As if Monday mornings weren't bad enough.

We all know the picture here and none of us are fooled by it.
Our owner is in this purely for the money.
But there are still 50 odd thousand of us going along and enjoying our days out.
There are still thousands of us going away week after week to support the team and see it through to promotion (hopefully)
We aren't thick. We ALL know the score.
But guess what, we are enjoying a season of football for the first time in years.
Its not always pretty, but how can you not be happy to be top of the league and winning games regularly?

It really gets to the point where some are only happy to celebrate failure as some sort of "I told you so" success.

People have left this forum in the past because of the doom and gloom. A lot of which was merited at the time.
It's not at the minute so I'm beginning to see their point.

As for Wolves, very much like Leeds.
Do any of these pundits remember their all too recent stint in the 3rd tier?
Something we have never done.
Are we a big club?
Maybe, maybe not.
Are we bigger than Wolves? Stupid question. Of course we are.

Don Goodman?
As someone suggested on Saturday night, he was seen leaving the ground in tears wearing his half Wolves half Mackem top.
"We are not a stepping stone, we are Newcastle United. Every player should be honoured to wear the shirt of this club" Rafa Benitez.
Well I thought I was feeling down about nufc stuff but seems i'm fairly happy after reading that. I aint putting my head in the sand or being delusional about our squad but i'm gonna enjoy it all while it lasts.
And I'm not faulting people for that but I don't find this league. its quality and entertainment value enjoyable at all and make no apologies for it. it's a pub league but if people find that enjoyable then good luck to them and I am sorry if I cannot join in the euphoria that topping a pub league brings to some but would certainly not leave the forum just because some one has a different view to me
I don't really think it's about a difference of views.
That's what these places are all about.
If we all had the same views then there would be nothing to discuss.
But do those views mean you have to put a negative slant on every post?
I think I read 3 of your posts yesterday relating to the Wolves game.
Each one of them adopted the same tone.
Just general criticism of the league, the teams, OUR team and what the future holds for us. (in your opinion)
That's fine. If that's how you see it I'm not going to try and change your view. You're entitled to it.
It just comes across as a stubborn refusal to accept anything positive.
If we live for the here and now, we are top of the league, with a record number of wins, plenty of goals and the leagues top scorer.
Yes, the league is of a poor standard generally but its where we are and what we are up against.
I prefer to try and enjoy it rather than look at what may happen in 6 months time.

If every fan took the attitude that the leagues below the premiership are poor, there would be no football beyond that. I Think I get enjoyment from it in different ways, but enjoyment non the less. A bit like when I go to watch Gateshead. A different level, but still a game of football.

This wasn't just having a go at your opinion. It was a generalisation of a fair few on here who just seem reluctant to show any positivity.
It just drags the levels of the forum down rather than being happy with what we have right now.
Just my own opinion of course.
And for the record, I will not be packing it in because of differing opinions. I was merely saying I have an understanding with those who have done so in the past.
"We are not a stepping stone, we are Newcastle United. Every player should be honoured to wear the shirt of this club" Rafa Benitez.

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