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Toon quotes.
"My eventual dream is to have 11 Geordies playing for Newcastle United and 11 in the reserves."

Sir John Hall.

"Toon Army, Malcolm Macdonald, Kevin Keegan, John Hall and Julie's Nightclub."

Sky pundit Andy Gray, when asked to name the 5 things that come to mind on hearing the word Newcastle.
"You can't force people to sit down even if they have a seat.They want to sing and, unless you're Val Doonican, you can't do that sitting down."

Kevin Keegan 1992.

"We're like the Basques. We are fighting for a nation, the Geordie nation. Football is tribalism and we're the Mohicans."

Sir John Hall 1995.
"Of all 22 i was the only player born within the City walls and north of the Tyne. These lads from Durham and Chester-le-Street don't count."

Boyhood Toon fan Denis Tueart after scoring the winner for Man City in the 1976 League Cup Final.

"It's been everything i hoped for and more playing for Newcastle.The only-and it's a big only-thing that's missing is the silverware. Everything else has been fantastic."

Alan Shearer.
"The pinnacle of my career has to be wearing the No.9 for Newcastle, probably the most famous shirt in British football. I still have one stored under my bed."

Tony Cunningham, crowd favourite of the 1980's.

"Newcastle United have the worst PR of any major club in the country."

Fans champion Rogan Taylor upon his appointment at Newcastle to try and improve relations with supporters.
"He didn't ectually cut his head off."

Fergie responds to Roy Keane's dismissal after his clash with Shearer. 15.09.01.

"He's grinning, "You prick". He gestures dismissively. The red card comes out. Shearers right.....I am a prick."

Roy Keane's version of the same incident in his own autobiography.
"But when we went up, it dawned on me what that really meant. I would have to go to Newcastle the following season as a sunderland player. I couldn't do that."

Toon diehard Lee Clark, later spotted at the 1998 F.A Cup Final in a "Sad Mackem Bastards" T-shirt.

"Sad and miserable, but effective."

Bobby Robson on Wimbledon after they'd beaten Newcastle 2-0.
"We promised we would help Newcastle United and we did."

Roberto Bettaga, Juventus vice-president, after Juve's victory in Kiev, which helps put United into the 2nd round of the Champions League, 2002.

"When i came, people asked me if i knew how big the job was. Now i know what they meant."

Gullit resigns, 28.09.99

"I'm looking for a goalkeeper with 3 legs."

Bobby Robson after Shay Given is nutmegged twice by Marcus Bent of Ipswich Town.
"I can't sit there laughing, can I? Is that what you want? Ha ha ha - like that? Oh, penalty,ha ha. Oh, it's saved. ha ha. No, it's gone in. Ha ha. What do you expect me to look like?"

Bobby Robson's reply to a journalist querying his downcast expression, 2003.

"We're in a dog fight, and the fight in the dog will get us out of trouble. We are solid behind each other, and through being solid we will get out of trouble and, if that fails, then we will be in trouble, but that's not the situation here. We'll all get in the same rowing boat, and we'll all pick up an oar and we'll row the boat."

Bobby Robson in Churchillian mode. 2003.
"The people here love their football and, if you play for Newcastle, they see you as a very special person."

Nolberto Solano.

"For Newcastle United, the sooner they knock down this place the better."

Alan Shearer on the demolition of Wembley.
"And they were lucky to get none."

Len Shackleton after the 13-0 defeat of Newport County. 05.10.46.

"Congratulations, i've heard a lot about you. But whatever you do, don't get injured."

New United boss Bobby Robson meets Kieron Dyer- on the pitch at Wembley before England v Luxembourg, 1999.

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