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Toon quotes.
(13-09-2016, 08:16 PM)Boydie Wrote: Sunderland chairman Bob Murray and his envy of Tyneside 2002.

"Our prices are half Newcastle's prices - you just can't compare the clubs, they're not to compare. We're stuck between a massive city that's vibrant like Newcastle..... and Middlesbrough." :D

Fucking hell is this for real?..............:D:D
Ruud Gullit's fashion forecasts prove to be a tad optimisticas United flop under his leadership.

"The added benefits of the new kit will give Newcastle an edge on the field of play and the white socks will give us an advantage over the opposition."
Royal Antwerp coach, Urbain Haesaert after NUFC's 5-0 win in Belgium 13.09.94.

"Mr Keegan,I've never seen such quality football played at such a pace in my life."
Kevin Keegan tries to explain Toon Army mania.

"It's like a drug to them, they can't get enough of it. You've got to remember these fans have driven down motorways and watched some really abysmal sides in Newcastle shirts".
John Hendrie, when asked what made him come to Newcastle in 1988.

"McEwans Best Scotch!". :D
Jim Iley, Magpies stalwart of the 1960's.

"This is the only club i'd come back to just sweep the terraces." :clap:
John Anderson after his testimonial match, April 1992, with the club deep in relegation trouble.

"I'd give all this up tonight if it meant that Newcastle, come twenty to five on Saturday, were still in the Second Division."
Kevin Keegan faces fans the day after selling top scorer Andy Cole.

"If i've got it wrong then there's a bullet with my name on it."

Sir John Hall the following day at the training ground.

"None of you have any reason to doubt Kevin Keegan or me. We've taken the club from nothingness; we're on course to becoming one of the top 3 in the UK, the top 10 in Europe."
"He was never a tactical genius but he did a marvellous job of managing Newcastle United."

Frank Clark on Joe Harvey.

"All you've got to do is score a goal. These foreigners are all the same, they'll collapse like a pack of cards - they've no gumption."

Joe Harvey's inspirational half time team talk in the Fairs Cup final second leg, 1969.
"If Newcastle win promotion, forget about making Kevin Keegan Player of the Tear - he'll deserve to be named Team of the Year. They should rename Newcastle, Keegan United."

Bob Paisley, Liverpool manager, November 1983.

"I wanted to wear that number 9 shirt and nothing was going to derail me from getting it."

Alan Shearer.

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