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Toon quotes.
I'm gonna be putting the odd quote on here from time to time from people in the business..... all Toon related of course..... Here goes....

Hughie Gallacher reacts badly to being transferred to Chelsea 1930....

"I have been sold like a slave for a bag of gold."
Headline in The Journal 12.06.57 following the suicide of Hughie Gallacher.

"Hughie of the Magic Feet is Dead."
David Bowie greets the crowd from the stage of Roker Park, Glass Spider Tour 1987.

"Good evening, Newcastle." :D
Sir Matt Busby......

"If you put 11 black and white dogs on the field at Newcastle you'd get 30,000 coming to watch."
"Killer" on home comforts at SJP...

"I picked up an injury and spent quite a lot of time on the bench. One of the supporters knitted me a cushion to sit on, which said... Reserved for Brian Kilcline." :D
Sunderland chairman Tom Cowie and his envy of Tyneside 1982.

"I wish we had supporters like Newcastle's. Their supporters are more loyal than ours. One has to be fair - if we'd signed Kevin Keegan, i don't believe we would have had the same reaction through the turnstiles." :D
"..Well this is fucking shite.."....
Me 1991 season from the east stand benches.:
me dad 1969...

you want how much???? - 'ten fuckin bob for a final ticket???

'i only paid thruppence happeny to see them win the cup in 1955 blah blah'
Sunderland chairman Bob Murray and his envy of Tyneside 2002.

"Our prices are half Newcastle's prices - you just can't compare the clubs, they're not to compare. We're stuck between a massive city that's vibrant like Newcastle..... and Middlesbrough." :D

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