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Manure .... literally
How shit do manure look atm.

They've blamed Ole and failed.

The new bloke of which i choose to know nothing about and he's failing.

The players that they have at their disposal they really should be doing the business.... but they're not  ROFL ROFL ROFL

When things don't go right Ronaldo is a petulent child. ......   Loving it

I would love it if we beat them (next season) LOVE IT.   header
I said a couple of a years a go when Matty scored the winner against them at home, that it it was the worst Manure 11 I had ever seen... last week they went one further, they are absolutely devoid of everything, all over the pitch. It's a horrible group of individuals who are seemingly at odds with each other. They were lucky against Burnley and that performance against Wolves was am embarassment. It actually reminded me of England in the early 2000's, when you had players from the Southern clubs at war with the players from the Northern clubs, but on paper it looked like a team that could and should win tournments, but in reality, the divide between the sets of players was too great and they just end up looking like a bunch of selfish individuals.

Watching Ronaldo and Fernandes throw their arms in the air and offer no constructive feedback for a misplaced pass or mistake would drive me insane if I was a Manure supporter. They are a petulant group of players and the club is in desperate need of a cultural overhaul. Whilst I don't think they would ever win anything under Ole, he did try to rebuild the foundations of the club, but then bringing Ronaldo in seems to have destabalised the whole squad and taken them back a few years.

Great to see mind!
They were actually making progress until they bought Ronaldo back. He's forced them to completely change the style of play to accommodate him. Lets face it although still a great player, he's not as mobile these days and playing others out of position to fit him in has back fired. Add to the fact that they also have a few petulant players and its all going pear shaped.

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