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Leicester, Then…
A must win game

[Image: A11-CC2-A4-CAA1-4-DDE-8832-D7-A3-DB15-D35-C.jpg]
[Image: 06992692-520-D-4315-8-EB0-5835-C1-DF15-E7.jpg]
Not sure if it is a must win as much as it is a must not lose. Hopefully West Ham can do us a favour which would give us a real chance to make up some ground.

Leicester out of the Europa League, 5 points in their last 5 games, it is certainly doable. Equally, they have a great midfield and dangerous forward players, so this game could get away from us if we don't have the energy in midfield to compete.

I think a draw would be a good result for us.
Did VAR look at that?  A bit dubious to say the least.
Never a penalty in a million, diving twat, such an arrogant little tosser.

We look really powder puff going forward though, no real quality at all.

Willock gets worse every game for me, I think he is so poor, you look at the majority of what he does, and we would lose our collective shit if Hendrick was doing the same. Very little control over the ball, seems to be always half a yard off the pace, not even close to the form he had when he was on loan. He looks a different player.
No feckin way that was a penalty - the lad took off for his dive about 2 feet before he managed to touch Lascelles' leg. Diving bastard.

VAR had to see that as a refereeing error - but then again, they're under instructions to do everything they can to chuck us out of the EPL.....

Leicester have pretty much dominated that half - we've looked a bit slow and "Brucey"

Need to give them a good shake up at half time.

Hopefully our "super-fit" energy will start to give us the upper hand in the second half
Playing for a penalty and got it.   Dodgy 
But we could see how nervous Leicester were in the opening 20 minutes and did not press. Never seen so many back passes when we should have been bombarding them. A  frustrating half, and we shouldn’t be behind.
Absolutely rancid. Against a team that haven't had a clean sheet in 21 games, along come Newcastle to gift them an easy win.

Fucking awful from back to front.
Just really poor from us today. Missed chance to say for sure
Playing a team lacking confidence, who played in midweek and had TEN players unavailable.

And we got tanked.

No excuses though, we were 2nd best from start to finish.

Don’t think the cheque book in January will be enough to save us.

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