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Man Utd (h) - Mick - 02-12-2023

[Image: IMG-3199.jpg]

RE: Man Utd (h) - Mick - 02-12-2023

[Image: IMG-3201.jpg]

RE: Man Utd (h) - KMK - 02-12-2023

So many chances but no goal despite dominating that half. Hope it doesn’t cost us.

RE: Man Utd (h) - GhostfaceKillah - 02-12-2023

How have we not scored, ridiculous with how much we have dominated the game. All to play for in the 2nd half but we need a goal to open up the game.

RE: Man Utd (h) - KMK - 02-12-2023

header header header

RE: Man Utd (h) - mickyquinnstache - 04-12-2023

Turned out nice again...