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RE: Brentford (h) - Eeeeen - 20-11-2021

(20-11-2021, 06:01 PM)GhostfaceKillah Wrote: Darlow was terrible, but what the fuck were Murphy and Shelvey doing, the pair of them half hearted in the tackle on the edge of the box.

Shelvey was getting in the way.  He shouldn't be allowed anywhere near our penalty area except to defend corners.  Joelinton ran out of steam, sadly, but still looked like a footballer for the entire game (possibly for the first time in his Newcastle career).  Longstaff came on and showed what a liability he can be on the pitch, hopefully signing the death-warant of the idea of playing Longstaff and Shelvey together in midfield.  Willock was decent in fits and starts but obviously lacks match fitness and while I accept that Ritchie is a poor defender (he needs more help in front of him, which he'll never get from ASM), I thought he was fantastic going forward today.  If only we had a goalkeeper between the sticks, rather than an imposter with big gloves on.

RE: Brentford (h) - KMK - 20-11-2021

Interesting that most comments are about the players, now that the cabbage is on the compost heap!  Big Grin

RE: Brentford (h) - GhostfaceKillah - 20-11-2021

Not really. Some of the players mentioned weren't good enough before and this was mentioned many times under Bruce. 2 weeks or 2 years with Howe and his team won't change that, these were the players that were offered new deals when they should have been sold, and Bruce sat there collecting his pay cheque, happy to see this happen, without the spine to tell Ashley to go fuck himself. He didn't care about this club or what happened to it, he cared about his bank balance.

On the flip side, there were some performances today that absolutely smacked of renewed confidence and coaching, Joelinton being the best example. I have concerns over Howe and the defensive side of our game, and today was no exception. What I want to do though is give Howe and his team every opportunity to try and right the many years of wrongs at the club, coach what we have, and see where that gets us. Whilst our defending left a lot to be desired once again, what was positive today was the way we attacked the game and didn't just lie down like lamb's to the slaughter for 90 minutes, like we did in 95% of games under Bruce.

Some players are past being saved by a new manager, the biggest difference between Bruce and Howe is that under Howe, they will actually train the requisite amount of hours a Premier League footballer needs to train to be ready at this level of the game, and be coached under the philosophy of someone who travels the world watching football, to better himself, instead of travelling the world eating kebabs, to avoid being on the training ground.

The botttom line is that everyone was going backwards under Bruce, save ASM and Wilson. At least now there is a chance for some of them to improve and prove they still have a worth at the club, I just dont believe some of the repeat offenders will ever reach that goal, which is why they should never have been given new deals in the first place. It's now Howe's job to unpick this shit show, and I think he deserves a chance to do so, with all of our support.