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RE: Brentford (h) - GhostfaceKillah - 20-11-2021

Well it's official, we are no longer boring to watch.

So many failings, but so many improvements. Who on earth knows what will happen in the 2nd half.

RE: Brentford (h) - Eeeeen - 20-11-2021

Do you think this is the first time anybody has told Joelinton what he's supposed to be doing on the pitch, since he came to Newcastle?

RE: Brentford (h) - KMK - 20-11-2021

Same problems in defence but Joelinton in that position has had good first half!   Rock On Entertaining game, but we have to get at their dodgy defence and sort out ours, especially Ritchie and Darlow!!

RE: Brentford (h) - GhostfaceKillah - 20-11-2021

Best player on the pitch, the improvements are there to see. I need a stiff drink, and I don't drink!

RE: Brentford (h) - Mick - 20-11-2021

Think Howe needs to learn about this squad quickly. He’s picked 3 defenders who are notorious for making mistakes - Darlow, Clark and Schar.

We haven’t got time for Howe to learn, though - these are must win games thanks to the cabbage.

And it was written in the stars that Ivan Toney would score at least one against us.

RE: Brentford (h) - GhostfaceKillah - 20-11-2021

Yeah the main weaknesses:


I am sure we will see things change over the next few weeks.

RE: Brentford (h) - Eeeeen - 20-11-2021

Darlow cost us that game and has dumped us onto the foot of the table.  He's fucking shit.

RE: Brentford (h) - cg40k - 20-11-2021

Another draw, and Darlow cost us that for sure. We are now 5 points adrift of Leeds.

RE: Brentford (h) - GhostfaceKillah - 20-11-2021

Darlow was terrible, but what the fuck were Murphy and Shelvey doing, the pair of them half hearted in the tackle on the edge of the box.

We needed to win today. Playing like that, Arsenal will obliterate us, which just puts huge, huge pressure on the Norwich and Burnley games at home. With Leicester's home record, we might even have to target that to get something.

Deflated as I thought we would win it in the 2nd half, but there are clearly issues with fitness which need to be addressed. No fault of Howe, but time is fast running out and we need wins.

RE: Brentford (h) - KMK - 20-11-2021

Agreed we needed to win today and we could have, but didn't. However there were some positives -We scored three goals, which we never did under Bruce and Joelinton and Shelvey have responded to the new manager and played well. We are playing much further up the pitch and offer a threat with our attack instead of sitting deep and looking for a break. Yes time is running out, but at least there were signs of progress under the new management IMO.