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Brentford (h) - Mick - 18-11-2021

Here we go! 

Big Grin

[Image: 070-C48-E6-8163-4-C7-D-87-D3-7-F60-A2-F7-FF9-B.jpg]

RE: Brentford (h) - GhostfaceKillah - 19-11-2021

Really looking forward to it, it finally feels like we have the full change we were seeking. All of the Steve's have been put out for pastures new, and we have an actual coach in charge of the team and training. Who knows, we might actually get to see some new things that have been worked on at the trraning ground!

I feel this is a must win game though, and I know that might seem harash with Howe only being here a couple of weeks, but I feel we need an absolute bare minimum of 7 points from the next 12 points available, and ideally 9 points. If we get that, we will be in a decent position come January to push on a bit and fight off relegation.

RE: Brentford (h) - mickyquinnstache - 19-11-2021

I'd go as far to say we need another 10 points by Xmas. That means beating Brentford, Norwich and Burnley and then getting a draw from one of the tougher ones. Seeing as we have been hopeless so far that is a big ask. I'm sure those three clubs are seeing us as an easier 3 points as well.

RE: Brentford (h) - Mick - 20-11-2021

[Image: 693168-E9-EDFA-43-AB-9-A4-D-86-FF1-BD67356.jpg]

RE: Brentford (h) - Mick - 20-11-2021

[Image: FDAE19-A6-B5-CA-4725-B54-F-A78-D34-C758-C6.jpg]


Apparently that’s the shape Eddie played at Bournemouth

RE: Brentford (h) - cg40k - 20-11-2021

Whens the last time we scored from a corner xD

RE: Brentford (h) - cg40k - 20-11-2021

and 67secs later we are drawn lol

RE: Brentford (h) - Eeeeen - 20-11-2021

Hopefully Darlow has done enough to get dropped now.

RE: Brentford (h) - cg40k - 20-11-2021

2-1 Brentford

RE: Brentford (h) - Eeeeen - 20-11-2021

Looks like Shelvey has conned another manager.