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Saudis Break Silence - Mick - 07-05-2020

It's all on the website of the Saudi royal family

Announcement next week?

RE: Saudis Break Silence - SirLes9 - 07-05-2020

Do you think that website knows as much as it makes out Mick?
It's a news agency site really reporting on Saudi Royal family business.

I think most people are looking now and saying it'll be some time next week. Makes it easier to suggest something like that given the long weekend coming up.
Most of us are having permanent long weekends at present but that doesn't apply to those working at the Premier League.
Every week we seem to be seeing someone giving a new deadline.
"End of the month" "within 4 weeks" "By Monday" and now "within the next week at the latest"
My guess is nobody really knows.

I'm still confident it'll happen, I just think the Premier League committee are making sure the legal position is spot on with no comebacks.

RE: Saudis Break Silence - Mick - 07-05-2020


I think I take comfort from the fact that it's dated today - ie in full knowledge of the objections from Quatar and Amnesty that have been made public. 

Obviously, its only the Saudi view, but at least it's a massive public statement that confirms what we've been told by the media, but this time direct from the saudis.

And I would imagine if it's got any inaccuracies in it, somebody would be getting their willy chopped off - they don't mess about, these lads!

I still think that if the takeover doesn't go ahead, it will be because of panic, envy and influence from Sky's "Big Six" - the so-called "big clubs" - although I tend to call them "the big 5 and a half" as they include little Tottenham in there ......

One other thing. If the EPL turn this down & point at the Saudis, that would constitute a smear against the saudi royal family. They won't take that sitting down and the EPL could find itself on the end of a very painful and costly court action.