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West Ham (a) - Mick - 02-03-2019

[Image: west-ham.jpg]

RE: West Ham (a) - cg40k - 02-03-2019

Shame about the early goal

RE: West Ham (a) - cg40k - 02-03-2019

Well this game has gone to the shitter

RE: West Ham (a) - GhostfaceKillah - 02-03-2019

Absolutely awful so far, we deserve nothing from it. What an atrocious piece of defending for both goals, but particularly Lejuene, who did a very similar thing down at Southampton away last season, he clearly feels he can toss it off when he feels like it.

Why on earth are we continuing to attack down the right as well when it hasn't worked. Get Almiron involved and mix up the attacks. Can't see us getting anything from this now, really really poor.

RE: West Ham (a) - Mick - 02-03-2019

Disappointing defending and little threat going forward

Almiron was anonymous and looked a lightweight passenger

perez did his usual running into tackles and losing the ball routine

Rondon huffed and puffed but was isolated too often

Diame was a positive when he came on

Oh well, can’t win em all


RE: West Ham (a) - cg40k - 03-03-2019

In the weird news section, Scott Parker is Fulhams caretaker manager..........