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Full Version: Johnson Guilty
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BBC re reporting that Adam Johnson has admitted sex offences.

Quite strange that he admits it on the first day of the trial yet saw fit to continue playing and attempt to dig his shithole of a club out of trouble.
There is obviously nothing they can do in terms of attaching blame to the club, but it certainly doesn't reflect well on them.
I wonder how many points he has helped them too during the time he probably should have spent behind bars.
Also makes him look a bigger prick given his reactions to our fans abusing him and him retaliating with his aeroplane gesture (MH17)

Hope he goes down and gets what he deserves.
He has to sign the offenders register so surely that is not the only punishment.
I'm not commenting on this as a rival supporter who has a grudge against Sunderland but surely they have to terminate his contract. I would expect nothing less from our club if it was one of our players.

It's not the same as the frequent drink driving offences we have seen or even Joey Barton getting banged up for being a prick. He had sex with a child. Morally and socially he is an outcast. They need to do the right thing. No place in football for monsters like that. Kids watch the game. Sunderland, do the right thing.
Maybe not the time to be making statements about what he did, or didn't do as he has admitted some charges and denied others.
But the question has to be asked, "did 5under1and know he was going to plead guilty?"
I would hope not, and my feeling is that they didn't.
If they did, then surely they would have sacked him there and then.
There are too many moral issues to not take a stand against him.

As a rival and one who dislikes them immensely, I would love to put the boot in and suggest they knew all along, but I honestly think he pulled the wool over their eyes.
Apart from them benefitting from his contributions (I would like to know how many points he's gained them) I actually have a great deal of sympathy for them as a club. Stand by him only to be dealt a massive kick in the bollocks before the case even starts.
Steve i'd guess that they knew about it.....they tryed to sign a replacement winger for him in Ayew last month as they knew he was guilty.
(11-02-2016, 03:44 PM)Boydie Wrote: [ -> ]Steve i'd guess that they knew about it.....they tryed to sign a replacement winger for him in Ayew last month as they knew he was guilty.

That will never be proven but where would that leave the club if it was true?
They continue to play a player who they know is going to plead guilty to sex charges. That has to have some sort of implication.

We were talking about this case and the Ched Evans case today.
I have always been of the opinion that Evans was stupid but also stitched up to a degree. The woman had previous on that score and was still allowed to make a case of it. Look at him now. Nobody will touch him.
Based on what Johnson has so far admitted to, is that enough to put him out of the game? Is it enough for the Makem's to terminate his contract? That will maybe shed some light on where they stood all along on the matter.
Did they put their premiership survival above their moral obligation?
The mackems have announced that Johnson isn't in the squad for the man utd game but i dare say they valued any points gained with him in the team as more important than their morals.

He'll never play professional football again.
contract terminated
Had to happen.

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Dirty cunts


Of course Sunderland knew he was guilty, the whole bloody country new he was guilty, all that was lacking was confirmation and Sunderland hid behind the lack of confirmation to try and help themselves as much as they could, I'm just glad it is the turn of the sad little lot down the road to be humiliated, a refreshing change from it being us.
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