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Full Version: Wolves (h)
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Wolves at home today - 2pm kick off in UK

On Sky 

Wolves are a canny team with a proper manager - but we've got Steve Bruce so they'll be quaking in their boots

What could possibly go wrong?

Easy home win, surely? Eh Steve?

Sources close to me reckon that we will not win this one and that we will find it difficult to get any shots on goal; but "Joelinton is a really good player" (© True Faith 2019).  Since these sources are usually wrong, here's hoping...
So far so good. We look better down toward their goal than has been normal this year. I reckon if we can find 1 more goal we can win this one.
Apparently we decided to revert back to our old ways here in the second half..............
1-1 Wolves level.
Red card for Sean Longstaff. No substitutions yet
Ugly second half. Reverted back to good old Bruceball. 2 points dropped honestly instead of 1 point won.
1-1 Final
Separated at birth: Joelinton and Lascelles.  Pity only one of them can score goals.  Newcastle's display today?  Sloppy and ponderous; much like our esteemed manager.
Threw that away today

I reckon Wolves were better last season - but then again, so were we

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