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Full Version: Fantasy League 2018/19
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Well, it's nearly the start of another season so like last season I have set up a league for all those on UTD111 who are interested in playing, so howay let's see who the top manager is this time.

League Code: 30454-66400

Cheers Geordie  Beer
Bet ya a pound it isn’t me! I think I’ve been last everytime I’ve joined lol
I'm in!

(I think  Lost It )

Just a quick reminder folks to get your team in, you know you want to.

i'm on late shift this week and will ponder over my team when i'm in on my own through the night
I'm in...... Abra Dubravka are ready to roll.  Tongue
Cheers Geordie, i’ve put my relegation fighters in!

Good luck everyone