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  • You Can Comment On My Stuff!

    You Can Comment On My Stuff!

    Yes – you can respond to any of my insane ramblings on here by clicking “Comment”

  • “Droopy” Redknapp At It Again

    “Droopy” Redknapp At It Again

    Once again, Media darling and Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has apparently been publicly tapping up another club’s player. This time the object of his unwanted interest is Newcastle United’s star striker Demba Ba. In his weekly press conference, the twitchy one is quoted as saying: “Demba Ba’s done great hasn’t he, everybody’s looking at him suddenly,” said Redknapp. “Anybody could have had him a year ago. Full credit to Alan Pardew, he took him. “He’s done a fantastic job, what a strike rate he’s got. […]

  • There’s Only One United

    There’s only one United. Well if you watch TV, listen to the radio or read the newspapers in the United Kingdom, you could be forgiven for thinking so! There is a tendency for “The National Media” to refer to Manchester United as “United”. I believe this has it’s roots in Manchester itself where it was easier for the local folks there to talk about “City” and “United” when discussing their local teams. This is fine and I have no problem with it. However, when the […]

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      Welcome to the UTD111 Website! Herein lie the thoughts and musings of an internet blogger, forum admin, webmaster and life long Newcastle United fan. I make no excuses for what is in here, as this website is mine – all mine!! You may enter o visitor, you may explore and you may even comment on the stuff in here – but be nice or yer oot!!