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  • Bruce Favourite For United Job. This Is A Joke, Surely?

    Bruce Favourite For United Job. This Is A Joke, Surely?

    What’s frightening right now is that it seems Charnley is sat in his office, working through a phone book of managers. They clearly have absolutely NO clue on who they want or the style of football they want that manager to play. All they seem to want is to get someone in place and pray we come 17th next season. I thought the recent suggestion of Ranieri was bad enough, but Steve Bruce? That appointment would be as bad as Joe Kinnear! He would rank […]

  • Did Rafa Get It Wrong Against Arsenal?

    Did Rafa Get It Wrong Against Arsenal?

    Poor team selection Poor substitutions Team devoid of ideas… …Fans sing about Ashley Benitez has the easiest ticket in English football. He wins a game, no other manager could do that with this squad of players. He loses a game with a rubbish team setup and a complete inability to make good substitutions (this dates back to his time at Liverpool) and it’s Ashley’s fault. I said it the other week but it stinks at the moment, it smacks of something far greater going on […]

  • Forest, Kenedy, Atsu, Ki, Muto, and Gloom!

    Forest, Kenedy, Atsu, Ki, Muto, and Gloom!

    Kenedy is overrated. Save for a couple of games and performances shortly after we acquired him on loan last season, I thought he gave the ball away far too much, is horrendously one footed and didn’t provide anything different to anyone else we had. If we had given Murphy that game time, who was to say he couldn’t have improved to a similar perceived level?! The way the media banged on about him you’d think we had signed Pele. Watching him week in and week […]

  • Chelsea Reflections….

    Chelsea Reflections….

    I don’t have a problem with playing defensive at home, but you can’t play THAT defensive, with no counter attacking option, regardless of who is fit or who you have in your squad. That was poor, really really poor. The fans only really started singing around 80 minutes after the equaliser and you can see why, what on earth is there to get vocal about when you are sat watching that dross?! I haven’t had a season ticket for years so I can’t speak on […]

  • So Is It OK To Criticise Rafa?

    So Is It OK To Criticise Rafa?

    Surely if Rafa was the mastermind behind the early season form, then he is equally culpable for the recent form? I’ve said it before, but I think it’s a dangerous game to elevate a manager to such a level that is exempt from any criticism from the fans. If Pardew had overseen that performance against Watford and that result with the same group of players, he would be getting absolutely lynched from all quarters and called clueless.. Something is amiss, something more than Lascelles and […]