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  • Were The Fans “Cheated” At Oxford?

    Were The Fans “Cheated” At Oxford?

    I went to Oxford on Saturday and wouldn’t be looking for a refund. I never have and never will. Probably cost me and the missus best part of £150 all in but there you go. Did I feel short changed? Yes I did. Not just in the team selection, but also in the manner some of our players went about it. We had wide players who couldn’t cross a ball, either from open play or dead balls. Shocking lack of ability. Even if they had […]

  • What’s Said On The Pitch Should Stay On The Pitch

    What’s Said On The Pitch Should Stay On The Pitch

    Jonjo Shelvey banned for 5 matches and fined £100,000. Should keep the FA and the rest of the Championship happy now then. A kick in the proverbials for us is what everyone has been wanting. The FA can now afford to pay their “poppy fine” so a win win for all concerned. Also an opportunity for the do gooders amongst our fans to have a go at Shelvey as well. The ones who were visibly gutted when his red card was overturned after slagging him […]

  • Is St James’ Park Big Enough?

    Is St James’ Park Big Enough?

    A couple of lads were debating on Twitter last night as to whether the current upturn in attitude and feelgood factor will see Ashley consider extending the capacity at St James’ Park. I know, we are a winning club in the Championship who’ve been on a high for 6 months. But it was actually a good point they made. Personally I don’t see it happening as the return on such an investment takes time and Ashley is all about the quick buck. However, if ever […]

  • Villains To Heroes Under Rafa Benitez

    Villains To Heroes Under Rafa Benitez

    It is quite amazing how many Newcastle United players have gone from Villain to Hero over the last few weeks under Rafa Benitez. From back to front we have quite a few. Karl Darlow came in after Rob Elliott’s injury and most of us feared the worst after his previous showings. However, he has stepped up and though not faultless, he’s been very very good. Against Palace it wasn’t just about his save from Cabaye. He made a couple of decent stops and came for […]

  • Signs Of Improvement At Leicester

    Signs Of Improvement At Leicester

    Leicester City 1 Newcastle United 0 I think the one positive for me last night was that all 11 players selected TURNED UP. The first time in ages that the likes of Wijnaldum and Sissoko have featured in the game rather than just being a name on the team sheet. That has to be a positive. Many may disagree, which is fine, but I thought Sissoko did quite well last night. “At it” from the off and got in some threatening positions. Created a little […]

  • Scrapping FA Cup Replays – Really?

    Scrapping FA Cup Replays – Really?

    I heard this morning that the FA are talking about scrapping FA Cup replays. The reason given is that they want to cut down on the number of games teams play (poor lambs) and that in turn will benefit the England team. Well they should include all national teams in that if it’s really the intention. A few points on this. Are FA Cup games, and replays in particular not the lifeblood of lower league clubs? Do they not dream of a home draw against […]