What a massive 3 points!

You look at how Spurs have played this season and before the game. I looked at it and thought a point would be a good result, but deep down I thought we were capable of beating them.

And to go and actually do it is massive.

Laughable to listen to the media coverage after the game, talking about the injuries to key Spurs players. Not one mention of Allan St-Maximin, Alexander Isak and Jonjo Shelvey (only just back). All 3 are massive players for where we are at right now.

Everything is relative, Conte moaning he can’t change the game from the bench whereas we are reliant on Fraser, Murphy and Wood, 3 players who likely won’t be there come the start of the next season.

No one in the media brave enough to say look at what Howe has achieved with his group of players vs look at what Conte has achieved with his group of players.

The media rhetoric right now is that we have bought our way to 4th place and that we are in fact, a team of time wasters. Absolutely laughable when you look at what we have spent to get to where we are, after 10 years of pretty much zero investment, minus the odd player here and there every few transfer windows.

The credit should go to everyone, but Howe and his coaching staff should be particularly lauded for getting the best out of what was already here. And the club should be lauded in general for the type of players they have brought in, some of whom were absolute bargains.

Compare our imports with some of the sub-standard garbage that Manchester United and Spurs have bought during the same period.

I Can’t stand the media in this country. the clueless ones on Sky, or this new image we have been painted with.

Our spend pales in comparison. We have simply bought far better players and far better characters – and within 12 months. Our owners have managed to implement a back room setup which blows (and this isn’t an exaggeration) the setups at the aformentioned clubs out of the water, blows them a million miles high and wide.

We are on the up and no one likes it, and that makes me absolutely love it even more, long may this continue.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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