OK, I admit it. I frequent Social Media quite a bit!

And what I’m about to discuss below, covers what might be described as a “hot topic” that I’ve seen raised online from time to time. It’s also a subject you might just as easily overhear in a pub.

It’s a topic that can be friendly patter between mates but which can quickly escalate into argument and cause quite a bit of upset. But, let’s open it up here and see if we can make some sense of it.

The question is – are some Newcastle United fans “better” in some way than others?

This came to my attention because I’ve seen statements made along the lines of “To be a real Newcastle United fan, you must be…….” or “I’m more of a fan than you are because…..” – mainly on Twitter.

Now this might just be a social media “thing” and by default this topic may not therefore be a big issue for most United fans out there who are lucky enough to give social media a body swerve. If this is you, now is your chance to exit!


I’ve seen posts on #nufc Twitter by some of our fans who seem to argue or indirectly infer that they are “better” than others in some way. Various reasons are given and if anybody argues, abuse is often exchanged (both ways! but that’s normal on Twitter, it’s almost expected!).

I’ve even seen some claim it’s possible to be a “superfan” with some vague justification attached, usually a bit flimsy if you care to prod it and scratch below the surface.

So, let’s have a look at some of this stuff. I’ll only explore a couple of examples – I promise.

Reason No1: I’m a Season Ticket Holder Y’knaa
This is the basic one. “I’m a season ticket holder so I’m more of a fan than you”
Variations include:

“I gan t’the match, ye divvent”

The problem with this argument is the fact that St James’ Park only holds 52,405 fans, and as we know demand for tickets is at least 30,000 above that, probably more. So as season tickets are sold out, there are none available if you haven’t got one (unless you can find somebody who doesn’t mind you sitting on their knee, but then you’d still have to convince the club ….).

This argument also overlooks the impact of the 13 dreary Mike Ashley years, a period which saw a lot of dedicated long-term fans give up their season tickets and swear not to return until he was gone. Many of these folks are still ticketless out there.

It also discounts those fans who are 100% Toon, but have a valid reason for not having a season ticket – like they can’t afford one, or they have to work on Saturdays, or are now in ill-health etc

Reason No2: I’ve Only Ever Missed [this many] Matches In Me Entire Life, Man

This one is aimed at claiming to be a top fan because they’ve hardly ever missed a game.

There’s a little problem here given that, for starters, there’s no way the fan can prove that his or her statement is actually true – just the words being uttered. There’s can also be a slight suspicion (or even a strong rumour) that the person might be someone frequently afflicted with the disease known as “exaggeration”.

And it’s been scientifically proven that the human capacity for exaggeration increases directly in proportion to each pint consumed.

Nobody really knows if the claim is a porky. I mean the claim would be impressive if it was true….If it was true……

But even if it was true, does it somehow make the person a “better fan” than anyone else?

And how long has the “entire life” they’ve been a fan actually lasted? What if they are an 18 year old making the claim to a fan who has supported the lads since Dave Hollins was in goal and Jim Iley played in what is now loosely called “midfield”?

In that example, chances are the older fan has actually been to a lot more games!

I promised I would only go into two of the reasons given for being “better”. Promise kept!

There are, of course, lots of other things cited – such as “I’m more of a fan because I go to away games” or “I’m more of a fan because I’ve supported them longer than you”. And there’s the classic “I’m more of a fan because I’ve got this season’s shirt” – admittedly that one tended to fall by the wayside during the bleak years when real fans boycotted Sports Direct.

Personally, my view on all of this is quite relaxed. Does it really matter?

I don’t think I’m a better United fan than anyone else. Never have, never will. For me it’s not about that.

My love of Newcastle United is a personal thing going back years, to when my dad first took me to the match and we stood on the Popular Side, then later joining the Leazes End choir with mates from school.

I’ve supported the Toon for decades, probably from before the day most present-day fans were born (god, I suddenly feel old!). Does that make me more of a fan? ‘course not!

I’ve been a fan who’s paid at the turnstile, had season tickets for various (most!) parts of the ground, been an away fan, got loads of shirts from different seasons. Does that make me more of a fan? ‘course not!

I’ve seen United win a trophy (European Inter-Cities Fairs Cup), had trips to Wembley (and Cardiff!), seen the lads score in a cup final at Wembley (Alan Gowling), and at the other end of the spectrum stood in torrential rain in a crowd of 7,000 at home to Wrexham in the days when the board insisted games weren’t abandoned until half-time so they didn’t have to refund the gate money!

Does any of that make me more of a fan than anyone else? ‘course not!

I get my kicks from watching Newcastle United – whether I’m at the game, watching on telly or online or whatever.

And having experienced the Kevin Keegan times, am I looking forward to the Eddie Howe years? Hell aye!

My advice to every other NUFC fan old and new is simply this. Sit back, relax and enjoy the roller coaster years that are coming folks – we’re all NUFC fans – all equal, and all in this together!

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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