Leeds United at Elland Road.

As a (ahem) “slightly older fan” I can remember the great Leeds team under Don Revie – Sprake, Hunter, Bremner, Giles, Gray, Lorimer, etc a great side which I was lucky enough to watch regularly and which should really have won more.

They were a “hard” team who took no prisoners even by the rougher standards of those days where tackling was still allowed – (compared with the beach ball football and choreographed diving we see nowadays) and it was a joy to watch how they particularly used to enjoy kicking lumps out of Manchester United.

But I digress…….

Personally, I’m pleased they are finally back in the top flight where they belong. I certainly prefer Leeds in the English Premier League compared to the likes of Watford or Bournemouth. A big club. A proper club. A one club city just like ourselves.

Today’s Leeds team under Biesla are not a patch on the legends of course. But even with the injuries they currently have in their squad, they play with a style and intensity which is a breath of fresh air in comparison with the over-complicated way that some other teams approach the game.

Yesterday, when the mighty Mags visited Elland Road, part of me feared Leeds could well blow us off the park if we didn’t match them for pressing and intensity.

Some of my negative thoughts before the game were that maybe we could have done with using covid as an excuse to get this match called off until after the break to allow us more recruits but sadly too many players were fit!

As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about. Steady Eddie and the boys had it all under control.

I like to call the boss Steady Eddie because he’s steadily and gradually turning this team into one that plays on the front foot. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and in the same way Newcastle United can’t be changed overnight. But it’s clear that bit by bit Eddie is introducing a culture of improved fitness, better organisation and a belief in his way of doing things.

It will take time, but the green shoots of recovery are there for all to see.

So beating Leeds at Elland Road – does our season start here?

Let’s hope so. The three points gained here have certainly put us back in the mix. They give us something to build on and reignite the hope that we can still climb out of the bottom three and spare ourselves a one-season tour of the Championship.

At this stage of the season, many fans are talking about a mini-league of four teams, ourselves included, at the bottom of the Premier League.

I actually feel that every team up to Brentford in the table could potentially be pulled into the relegation mix. Brentford and Everton, in particular, can’t seem to buy results at the moment and could well find themselves fighting for survival.

As for Newcastle United, well as usual nothing is or will be straightforward. We’re still very much in a bad league position. There will be further setbacks. There will be further despair at times. But if we can keep grinding out results, and in particular turn draws into wins, we could still perform the great Houdini escape act.

After 14 wasted years under the previous owner, there is longer term optimism inspired by the professionalism that is clearly apparent throughout the club – in particular at ownership and team management levels.

We can now truthfully claim to be a proper club again, properly run and properly managed.

Maybe our season does just start with this result at Leeds. Only time will tell.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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