3.00am Alarm goes off I think to myself should I just turn over and have an extra half hour?

No, I get up and put the Coffee on as my taxi is booked for 4.20am to take me to St James Park for the bus pick up at 5am.

Anyway after a gruelling coach journey of 6hrs 15mins we arrived in London, Parliament Square and met up with others who had travelled down independently. Then at 1.00pm, we unfurled all the flags and banners with a number of media outlets there recording what was going on.

This is where I discover that I should have practiced with my phone to take photos and videos etc as I could not get the damn thing to work! – so I will upload the best YouTube video instead sorry folks.

After our hour and a half long demonstration in Parliament Square, we all go for some refreshment and the only pub nearby was The Red Lion, not far from No10 Downing Street. However there was hardly any room because of Covid. I managed to sweet talk a lass who let me jump in her seat so after paying £6 a pint(!) four pints later we head off to 10 Downing Street with banners, flags, TOON shirts and a petition to hand over for the attention of Bojo.

At first the police would not take the petition to Number 10 as we were only authorised to be at the gate but after a few songs of TOON ARMY you work/for with us an officer agreed to take in the letter.

Now it’s off to the Premier League!

We got the Tube to Paddington station and walked to the PL headquarters. Well they must have been told we were on our way because police sirens were going off all over the place and when we arrived there were three riot vans waiting with a line of cops around the Premier League building.

We tried to hand in our petition for transparency only for the coppers to stop us getting into the building. However after a little persuasion a copper took the letter into the reception area to hand in.

No sign of Masters and cohorts to be seen however we had created a lot of attention from the posh apartments opposite the PL building and one of the residents came on to his balcony and took one of the banners and draped it on his balcony railings for which he got a loud vote of approval from the Geordies below.

5.00pm pick up time back at Parliament Square. London rush hour on a Friday is not recommended it took nearly an hour just to get to the outskirts never mind the M1 motorway.

Anyway, we arrived back at St James’ Park at 12.30am and after walking for 6 miles around London I can honestly say that I was knackered.

Would I do it again? without a doubt but maybe I’d go by train next time!

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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