I don’t know if any of you stayed with BT Sport to watch the after match analysis?

I usually don’t, even if we win I have no interest. But I did today, as Jake Humphrey is always flying the flag for us as fans.

I am paraphrasing, and maybe changing the odd word, but the gist of it was that when you stand inside the ground and watch the rubbish we served up today, you can totally understand why the fans are kicking off like they are.

Jermaine Jenas also waded in and actually said things along the same lines, with Joe Cole nodding in agreement.

Seems petty and small, but it was nice to get some support, as we usually get pedalled as ego-centric deluded morons with ridiculous expectations. Jake Humphrey said we don’t expect Champions League football, we just expect a side that can have a shot in target.

He couldn’t be more spot on.

As for the game, what is there to say? We started with Joelinton and Jacob Murphy as part of our forward line, with a combined number of games equalling 84, and a combined number of goals being 4.

Between them, Joelinton and Murphy have averaged 1 goal in every 21 games. Add to that the fact you have a manager who has manufactured a side who have the worst pressing stats in the division, and the worst attacking home record of any Premier League Newcastle manager, ever, and you can begin to understand why we don’t stand a chance in so many games.

We are averaging just over a point a game which is survival form, just, and that will no doubt please Mike Ashley, if nobody else – certainly not our long-suffering fans.

However I have a glimmer of hope that this might just be a different season. it is THAT bad to watch, we are THAT rubbish as a team, that Ashley might pull the trigger and put this garbage regime down.

I was thinking of a word that summarises what it is to be a Newcastle supporter with this setup. And the most appropriate one I could come up with is hideous.

For me, that word sums up the manager, his coaching staff, and our approach to every single game.

We are beyond a joke.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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