Tottenham Hotspur 1 Newcastle United 1

Well, an undeserved draw after another very poor display.

To be honest, I am less annoyed by VAR itself than I am by the braying mob of dullards who constantly whine about it.

I have to say something about the constant whinging of the pundit classes about these penalty awards.

First of all I’d like to know which moron ever introduced the idea of ‘intent’ into the laws of a game like football?

Greater minds than any that has ever been involved in professional football have discussed and tried to understand the ‘intent’ of individuals throughout human history, both historians and philosophers amongst others; and guess what? – none of them can be absolutely certain what the true ‘intent’ of an individual in relation to any given historical event actually was; hence histories covering the same events are published every year attributing entirely new ‘intent’ to historical actors, because nobody can know for sure.

‘Intent’ should never have entered the lexicon of the rules of football because referees, though many may think themselves Gods, are not mind-readers.

Secondly, why are these irritating gas bags only talking about the player deemed to have handled the ball? Why do they never consider the team to which the award is made?

The clearest illustration of this was in the Palace vs Everton game that prompted Woy Hodgson to have a mini breakdown. Although there was in fact minimal contact and the Palace defender was ‘intending’ to do no wrong, even on BBC Match Of The Day I could clearly see that if the ball had not struck his hand its trajectory would have seen it land at the feet of an Everton player right in front of the Palace goal, as the player who made the initial pass had intended it to.

This did not happen because it struck a Palace player’s hand. If instead of looking at the whole thing from the perspective of the Palace player, instead of pretending that we might somehow have understood his intent and also pretending that at that point he had no agency in the game, we consider it from Everton’s point of view, then clearly they have been denied a goal-scoring opportunity by the, albeit accidental, intervention of an opposing player’s hand. Penalty! Not because anybody has cheated but because a team has ‘illegally’ been denied a goal scoring opportunity.

Whilst it was nowhere near as clean-cut with our penalty yesterday that we were “denied a goal-scoring opportunity”, it is beyond doubt that Dier’s arm interfered with the flight of the ball and affected the outcome of Newcastle’s (pathetic), attempt at an attack. By the way, the incident with Lascelles is not the same, as clearly if the ball had not hit his arm, it would have hit his body which would have also interfered with the flight of the ball.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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