Can this year get any crazier?

Leaving aside the deadly Covid_19 plague that currently has society thoroughly disrupted and our hapless, useless Prime Minister and equally inept government in total disarray, there was the small matter of events at Newcastle United.

To describe what happened is getting difficult now, as it sinks in what might have been and the chance we have lost. Or more accurately, the chance which was denied us by a Premier League that couldn’t run a drinks party in a brewery.

I suspect most of us are still thoroughly depressed about the whole thing.

We were praying for the success of a bid to buy the club led by “Wor Mandy” Staveley and backed by the Saudi Public Investment Fund whose wealth looked set on making us the richest club in the world. Chuck in the extremely wealthy Reuben Brothers who were also interested in non-football developments in the area and it looked perfect.

It seemed too good to be true, and sadly that’s the way it played out.

The concept of Newcastle United gate crashing the cartel at the top of the Premier League was clearly too much to bear for the EPL and some of the more “influential” clubs (apparently). So a way was found by them to stop it happening.

Weeks and months passed by as we waited for approval of the EPL Owners and Directors test. Eventually the Saudi’s lost patience and following an apparent affront to their honour by the men in suits at the Premier League they walked away.

The EPL, and their pet clubs, got their way and the pecking order at the top was maintained.

The impact on Toon fans has been grim. From hope and elation about the prospects that the takeover would have offered, we’ve come crashing back down to earth with a thud.

The new season kicks off on 12th September – in only seven days time as I write this.

Normally at this point, our enthusiasm for the coming season would be low anyway.

We would have some new players – a few free transfers and players no-one else wants from the car boot sales and bargain basement – and we’d be telling ourselves that they would make a big difference.

But as usual most of the pre-season chat would realistically be about whether we could avoid relegation again.

And that’s exactly where we are now.

Ashley, Charnley and Bruce are still in place, still doing the same jobs, and as usual communication with the fans is negligible.

They couldn’t even be bothered to tell us why our star £40m centre forward, Guinness-Heed Joelinton, was missing. He eventually turned up and is now a winger, apparently according to the manager.

But let’s face it. As far as the coming season goes, what is there to talk about?

So far we’ve signed a third choice keeper, a player that Burnley didn’t want and have re-signed Matty Longstaff – who was already our player but had been allowed to drift out of contract.

There’s talk of some other players coming in, but then there always is! And usually, most of it turns out to be just that – talk.

And as usual, the promoted teams, in particular Leeds United, will no doubt out-spend us when strengthening.

Up to now I’ve mentioned incoming transfers. However the transfer window is essentially open until 16th October. Plenty of time for one of the so-called “big” clubs to bid for the likes of Allan St Maximin, to name just one.

So we seem likely to kick off the season with an owner who doesn’t want us, no fans in the ground, and the same squad as last season with a few free transfer or loan additions from the cheap end of the sales.

Excited about Newcastle United’s new season?

Nope, me neither!


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