Monday 20th July 2020.

102 days since the English Premier League received the submission seeking approval of a change of ownership of Newcastle United.

Since then, there has been no decision, no communication, just silence from those who have been asked to approve the change.

In the meantime, there’s been lots of noise, much of it irrelevant, from a number of sources seeking to stop the takeover happening.

The UK media, who seem to be pursuing their usual anti-Newcastle agenda

Amnesty International

bein sports in Qatar

A motley handful of ill-informed MPs in London with apparently nothing better to do

A woman who claims to be the fiance of a man who was allegedly murdered in a Saudi embassy, and

Random other people who probably couldn’t point to Newcastle on a map but seemingly have a vested interest in stopping the takeover going ahead.

I describe the stuff that has been emanating from this “anti-takeover” lot as largely irrelevant for three main reasons.

Firstly, the critics are conflating sport and politics – which history tells us is not always a sensible or clever thing to do. Much better to keep the two topics totally separate and not allow politics into any sporting occasion or sporting issue.

Secondly, none of the arguments and accusations raised by the opponents of the takeover have anything whatsoever to do with Newcastle United Football Club – past or present.

Lastly, the bulk of the arguments put forward by the anti-Newcastle lot are not issues which should affect the outcome of the Premier League’s Owners and Directors Test as they are outwith the test’s remit as the rules currently stand.

The people who seem to have been forgotten in all of this mullarkey are the long-suffering Newcastle United fans.

The magnificent Toon Army have been told nothing from official sources, just subjected to the usual speculation and made up stories in the media.

We have been kept totally in the dark throughout this 102 days and many of us feel that we have been treated with contempt and disdain – both by the Premier League and, less of a surprise, by our own club.

The official silence from both of these institutions has been deafening.

The Premier League tell us that their Owners and Directors process is confidential – so they can’t say anything. Fine, we don’t need a commentary. But is it really asking too much for them to tell us why it’s taking so long? Or when they expect the decision will finally be made?

The club have announced a new sponsorship deal. Additionally, the current manager is talking about recruitment for next season, his transfer budget, what type of players he hopes to sign etc But no-one at the club seems to think it might be an idea to explain to the fans why this is being done whilst a takeover is in progress?

Or basically telling the fans what the hell is going on?

Newcastle United fans are the best fans in this country. Loyal through thin and thin. 50,000 packing the stadium every home game.

The way we have been ignored in these last 102 days by both the Premier League and Newcastle United is inexcusable. In fact it’s disgraceful.

Maybe both organisations could begin to belatedly address this by grabbing a dictionary and looking up the word “communication”?


What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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