The Newcastle United takeover was submitted to the Premier League on 9th April – so as I sit here tapping these words into the keyboard, they have had a staggering 95 days to make a decision under their owners and directors test.

95 days to make what should be a simple decision based upon their own limited parameters – are the buyers financially sound and do any of the proposed directors have criminal records etc which would debar them from owning a Premier League club.

Simple, straightforward questions. So why has it taken so long, yet all we see is dithering and no decision forthcoming?

The answer seems to be that the Premier League are looking outside of their remit and taking into consideration additional “facts” and random representations which should have no bearing on their decision – including politics, innuendo, unproven allegations and even just the opinions of everyone and their dog.

This is becoming urgent now as it is forcing our club to stagnate. How can any plans be made for next season when we don’t know who the owners will be? How can anyone make any decisions about anything?

Personally I’m fed up – and angry – at the way in which the Premier League are dealing with this. Or maybe that should be not dealing with it.

If they can’t stop dithering and make the correct decision to allow the takeover to go ahead soon, they should at least have the decency to come out and tell us why.

All of this “need for secrecy” excuse is just bollox.

In most jobs, if we took 95 days (and counting) to make a relatively simple decision, we’d be sacked.


I’m fed up with the dithering and indecision at the Premier League.

I’m fed up with the trumped up objections to the takeover from people and organisations we’d never heard of before and will never hear of again after the dust settles.

I’m fed up with the mainstream media who keep recycling the same objections over and over again because they have nothing else to say.

I’m fed up with some of the online blogs who tell us that “many fans” are “flocking to” or “fuming about” twitter tweets just to get clicks on their stories which often consist mainly of a list of other people’s tweets.

I Feel sorry for people like George Caulkin of the Athletic, who seems to be surrounded by fans on twitter desperate for news every time he as much as burps.

I’m fed up with the people who are trying to conflate politics with sport.

I’m fed up with the odd (and very odd) members of parliament who are putting their oars in just to get their names in the papers on something which is basically none of their business.

I’m fed up with Qatar, BEin Sport, Richard whatsisname and some notable journalists and pundits who are mouthing off their objections to satisfy their own agendas.

I’m fed up with the suggestion that some of the so-called “big clubs” may be getting involved in influencing the takeover decision against us as they don’t want a massive sleeping giant club like us resurrected and gate crashing their cosy members club at the top of the Premier League.

But above all, I’m fed up with the way all of this is affecting the long-suffering Newcastle United fans who have been presented with the opportunity of a new owner who has the resources to take this club and our region far beyond what even Sir Kevin and Sir John achieved with “The Entertainers”.

If that vision, that hope, is dashed by the Premier League for irrelevant reasons outside of sport, it will have a massive impact on the best fans in the world.

We don’t deserve that.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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