Amanda Staveley, PCP Partners queen and darling of Newcastle United fans, has been subjected to some pretty grim comments recently.

Ms Staveley is, of course, the driving force that put together the consortium which is currently bidding to buy Newcastle United from Mike Ashley.

A consortium which includes PCP Partners, the Reuben Brothers and Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.

Wor Amanda is currently involved in a high court battle with Barclay’s Bank for a cool £1.6bn which she says is owed to PCP Partners for work thay carried out in 2008 involving the then takeover of Manchester City.

Obviously the rights and wrongs of the case are not for us to discuss here as it’s ongoing and therefore sub judice.

However the yorkshire-born lass has been subjected to some pretty nasty treatment in the course of events.

In June, when the high court case began, she was questioned by Jeffery Onions QC acting on behalf of Barclays Bank.

Onions suggested Staveley had seen an opportunity to “insert” herself into negotiations, had effectively engaged in a “hustle”, was prepared to “lie” in order to extract money she was not entitled to, wanted fees that were “commercially ridiculous” and had exaggerated the nature of her relationship with a Middle Eastern sheikh.

Staveley denied his suggestions and was reduced to tears by the accusations.

A lawyer leading PCP’s legal team said Onions’ suggestions were an “extraordinary and bizarre 29 minutes”. He also put it to the judge that what Onions had said was “ridiculous”.

Also in June, in a separate incident, a legal firm representing Barclays were overheard on a Zoom conference making derogatory comments about wor Amanda and had to come to the court the next day and apologise.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it has now been revealed this week, in a telephone transcript submitted to the court, that in 2008 two former Barclays Bank senior employees, Richard Boath and Roger Jenkins, had referred to Ms Staveley as a “dolly bird” and “the tart”.

According to the transcript the conversation went as follows:

Boath: “Yes. Now, that dolly-bird that represents – is it – what’s her name?”
Jenkins: “Amanda Staveley”
Then later in the call…..
Jenkins: “Well I am – you know, I’m going to call the tart; I was going to call the tart.”
Boath: “Who’s the tart?”
Jenkins: “Amanda”

As I said earlier, the rights and wrongs of the actual case are not for us to discuss here. Apart from being an ongoing high court case, it is also a complex one – and I don’t envy the task the judge has sorting it out!

However, the comments made about Amanda Staveley and the treatment of her by grown men who should know better were unfortunate and a cause for concern – especially in this day and age.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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