I’m sure the pain of watching that embarrassing first half “performance” against Manchester City in the FA Cup will stay with us for some time.

Trying to play the Rafa way without Rafa was suicidal, and so it proved. Below are the thoughts of our UTD111 Forum member “Ghostfacekillah” who speaks his mind and doesn’t hold back!

It’s the final word before we move on to Bournemouth!

The first half was entirely Bruce’s fault, the way he set the players up, they were on a hiding to nothing. His system just encouraged the players to drop deep and defend on the edge of their own box. I actually felt sorry for them.

Granted Bruce isn’t to blame for Schar apparently having a brick for a brain and giving away a stupid penalty, but ultimately the players were given no hope of succeeding with that system.

The changes at half time made us a better team, but we still only fashioned one real goal scoring opportunity. And whilst Gayle simply cannot miss those, the damage was arguably already done.

More baffling to me was that he took off our 3 most dangerous players for the final 20 minutes, and you have to ask yourself what was he hoping to save them for? At most we might climb 3 places in the league and finish smack bang mid table. But ultimately the only thing we had left to play for was the FA Cup.

It felt like he was admitting the game was done and dusted, and whilst anyone blessed with the gift of sight could see how we were lucky to still be even remotely in sight, surely you go to the final whistle with your best team out there?

Like some of us I go through phases of believing we can achieve more than we realistically can, but yesterday just drove home the importance of getting this takeover deal over the line. Despite the media love affair with what an amazing job Bruce has done, the facts speak for themselves.

We have won 1 single game out of 14 which Allan Saint-Maximin has missed this season. We have become a one man team, entirely dependent on ASM doing some magic which hasn’t been coached, just a natural ability that he has brought with him to the club.

This was a player the club had earmarked long before Bruce was a twinkle in Ashley’s eye, so he can’t even take credit for that.

I still refuse to entertain the nonsense that he is doing a comparable job to Rafa. I’ve watched the games with my own eyes this season, and for the majority of it, it has been an absolutely awful watch.

We need a complete overhaul, a new way of thinking, a new owner, a new manager and a new approach. Without these, we will spend the future of supporting this club, fighting relegation and hoping to avoid a decent team in the FA Cup in the hope we can make it to a later round.

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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