Had my fingers crossed in the last week hoping that there might actually have been some sort of announcement to say things had been finalised on the transfer of our club to Amanda Staveley and her chums to finally put us out of our misery.

But nothing again.

The EPL checks on the fitness of the new owners to run a footy club have now been going on for 6 weeks and I imagine that not many United fans have got any finger nails left to bite.

We are told the decision will be made when all of the work has been done, which is perfectly acceptable in normal circumstances. But I think what has made it a nervous time for us in the meantime has been the publicity about complaints and allegations being made to the English Premier League (EPL) about the Saudi part of the consortium.

We all know this stuff by now – human rights, pirate streaming, the Karshoggi murder etc. Then there were hints that the so-called “big clubs” in the EPL were trying to influence the decision as they were worried about us gaining more financial muscle than all of them put together!

Anyway, here we are on Saturday 23rd May and still no news.

But there are some good signs folks. A lot of the media seem to be accepting, grudgingly in some cases, that the takeover is going ahead.

OK, they can’t possibly know for sure – but the story goes that there have been no “red flags” raised by the EPL during their investigations. In other words, the EPL have not discovered any reasons big or significant enough to be able to say no to the takeover.

How do we know this? Well, it’s what the media are telling us, presumably based on chats over a few drinks down there in London with some of the people involved in making the decision.

And the fact that the majority of the media are based in London is significant here. Clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea and even little Tottenham are bound to be concerned about us being funded in future in a way that is likely to crash their closed shop at the top of the EPL. They shouldn’t have had any influence on the decision of course – as clubs are not involved.

What is significant here though is that the people in the media are largely based in London and by default tend to support these London teams – as well as the Manchester teams and Liverpool who also have more than a passing interest in our future prospects.

It probably explains why there have been so many newspaper articles highlighting the objections to the NUFC takeover and talking them up at great length. Can you imagine all this furore if the saudis had been trying to buy arsenal or man utd? Me neither!

The good news though, is that this story about “no red flags” being raised by the EPL has to be true? Why? Well, because if the least hint of any problems being found had been leaked to these same journalists, it would quickly have become screaming headlines in the so-called national newspapers and they would have kept the story going for days as they celebrated and dined out on it.

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Get used to this sort of bias and resentment against Newcastle United folks – it’ll get much worse in the future!

Anyway, the new word on the block is imminent. The announcement is imminent. The takeover is imminent. Approaching, impending, soon, in the offing, about to happen, on the horizon, in the air……can’t think of any more – oh aye – probably next week!

I’m old enough to have lived through the Sir John Hall/Kevin Keegan years so I know what it felt like then. Magic, pure magic. A great team, playing fab attacking footy – and the atmosphere amongst the fans? Aww man – what a rollercoaster ride that was!

And yet even that era might be shaded by what is to come. Here’s hoping, because every single one of you great United fans out there will deserve every second of the rollercoaster ride that looks like it’s about to happen. This time I reckon it’s the big dipper!

Strap yourselves in boys and girls – it looks like we’re off soon!

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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