Are Newcastle United fans fuming?

feeling, showing, or expressing great anger.

Are you fuming?

This is an interesting question as it seems from quite a few headlines about Newcastle United lately that there’s a lot of it about amongst our fans!!

Anyone who has been scanning article listings in news platforms such as “Newsnow” in the last month or two will have noticed a marked increase in the headlines which include the words fume or fuming – as in

“Newcastle fans fume over…..”

“Newcastle fans are fuming about…..”

When you take a closer look at this, a lot of these articles seem to emanate from posts on Twitter and subsequent responses from fans – which are then used to generate an Instant article!

The articles usually follow the same pattern and basic model:

Newcastle fans react to a post/comment by…..
Many Newcastle fans react to…..

The thrust of the article is then justified by posting some of the angrier twitter tweets alleged to be from fans which demonstrate that they are fuming, or at the very least very angry indeed.

Here’s a few examples of the fuming headlines:

Today: Fans Fume as takeover news emerges

2 days ago: Newcastle fans fuming with The Sun takeover latest

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I do have a particular beef about this type of article though, not just because at the moment there seems to be a pandemic of them.

Some of them appear to be nothing more than clickbait used as a vehicle for tons of adverts displayed on the website pages and the articles themselves are pretty poor quality in comparison with the more thought out and researched articles we can read on blogs such as the Mag and True Faith.

And are 4 or 5 twitter posts really evidence of the general view of tens of thousands of Newcastle United fans? Bit of a claim, that one!

Newcastle United fans fuming is not a new thing, by the way! Apparently, we’ve been fuming for years!

If you believe the headlines, here are some of the things we were fuming about in the past:

Just about every manager we’ve had apart from Sir Kevin and Rafa
Rafa leaving
The treatment of Sir Kevin Keegan
Mike Ashley (obviously)
Kevin Nolan praising Mike Ashley
That ref in December 2016 who sent Shelvey & Dummett off in the first half at Forest
The 10,000 season ticket freeloaders being given priority for Man City FA Cup tickets
etc etc

But my personal favourite was:

Fuming Newcastle fans would rather have a slice of bread up front instead of Joelinton after horror FA Cup display at Rochdale.

Take a bow whoever it was at the Sun who thought that one up!

Other fans fume too. My particular favourite was Manchester United fans apparently fuming when we quoted their club £50M for Sean Longstaff!

Anyway – my question is – are we really fuming as much as they make out?
Has anyone out there been contacted by any of the usual press & blogs and asked the question “are you fuming?”

Personally, I haven’t.

How about you?

Sorry if this particular article makes you fume, by the way!

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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