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Anyone who compares Bruce to Rafa Benitez knows nothing about Newcastle United, I’d argue nothing about football.

Win, lose or draw under Benitez, we had a game plan, and once he got a few players in of his own, and had chance to coach the players, we were a team who could compete with anyone on their day.

Craig Hope summed it up perfectly the other week on the Sunday Supplement. Under Bruce, 11 players walk onto the pitch with no apparent clue about what they are doing and are seemingly instructed to go out and perform poorly.

What other explanation can you possibly have coming into the back end of a season where we haven’t managed to perform well for 90 minutes in a single game, most games we struggle to perform well for 10 minutes, let alone 90?!

Of course football is a game of opinions, but the only people with a positive opinion on Bruce are the ones who look at the league table and nothing else. Craig summed it up perfectly when he said believe your eyes, forget the garbage stats about number of points at X stage in the season comparisons. With Benitez you could see a system, that with some investment, would have yielded better performances and results.

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With Bruce, regardless of investment, you have 11 players who look like they have done nothing in training other than a few light jogs and heard a few of his jokes in the process. It’s a team devoid of ideas and devoid of any suggestion of tactical coaching.

It’s not like you have to look far to see this throughout his managerial career either. Villa, Birmingham, Sunderland, Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday. Many of their supporters had the same complaints, yet his pals in the media continue to back him as a top class, tactical coach. It’s mind boggling how blind these people are, both in terms of eyesight and faith.

It’s square pegs in round holes, it’s hopeful football, we might get a set piece where one of the defenders might score. We might get the ball to ASM who might take on 3 or 4 players and might put it into the top corner.

Our performances are worse than anything I have ever seen, worse the Carver, Souness, Allardyce, Roeder, hell, even Joe Kinnear had a better clue than Bruce! We have less than 35% possession on average every game, the only games this season where we have managed to have over half the ball are against Oxford and Rochdale.

We are not a long ball team. A long ball team plays long ball effectively.

We are not a possession based team as we can barely string 3 passes together.

Despite having a striker who does the square root of nowt every game, with 1 goal in 26 games. Bruce continues to play him when I’d give anyone else a chance, Schar, Lejuene, anyone, just to get him out of the side.

What are we?! What identity do we have?!

What do you think? As ever, we would welcome your comments, opinions and views below.

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